A tree with water flowing out of it, a unique phenomenon in Montenegro: It becomes a spring when there is a lot of precipitation (VIDEO)

This tree, besides the phenomenon, has no legends to its name

A tree in village Dinosa in Montenegro is quite unique since there is water flowing out of it. The video of this phenomenon fascinated many users of social networks.

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The rare phenomenon is usually caused by abundant precipitation, which floods underground sources, and the additional pressure causes the water to erupt to the surface.

The tree from the video is hollow, and it practically becomes a source, when there are lots of precipitation.

A local, Emir Hakramaj, said that this has been happening for 20-25 years, maybe longer, reports the Radio Free Europe.

He said that the tree is over 100 years old, "perhaps even 150".

Emir said that this tree has no legends besides its phenomenon. They are not prone to thinking over much because this is entirely natural thing.

Watch the video:

(Telegraf.co.uk/ RFE/ RL)

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