Milan Jevdjic answers the questions which are the main topic in Serbia: How I went to Monte Carlo and where did I get the money to go out to the tavern (PHOTO)

Numerous accusations were launched against him, that he drinks wine in Skadarija, travel to Monte Carlo, and where did he get the money for luxurious travels

Milan Jevdjic from Uzice, a medical student who after appearing in the show "Life Talks" (Zivot prica), has divided Serbia to those who support him and to those who have doubts about the truthfulness of his story, and he gave his explanation for many accusations when he appeared as a guest in the Morning Program on Prva television where he spent that loads of money. Milan Jevdjic opened his heart on March 7th and he showed his life in front of entire Serbia. Everybody was on his side, until his "benefactor" called, claiming that he helped Milan for four years. 

Milan made us cry and he didn't even drop a single tear: He was left as a baby, he doesn't know what will he eat for the weekend, it's the worst for Christmass, and he never failed an exam on medical faculty (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

Negative comments of the certain Dobrica Pavlovic from Sweeden has spread over Facebook. The comment was addressed to the address of the TV show hostess, Tatjana Vojtehovski. Pavlovic claims that he and his wife financed the young man for over four years, claiming that they sent money to Milan on regular bases. The worst thing is, he is not the only one who said that the young man was a "fraud and a manipulator".

Numerous accusations were launched against him, that he drinks wine in Skadarija, travel to Monte Carlo, and where did he get the money for luxurious travelsA photo of him while drinking wine is Skadarlija has caught their attention, and the other photos from Monte Carlo are not negligible, that's why everybody asked where did he get the money for such luxurious travels.

Foto: TV Prva

- I couldn't imagine in my wildest dreams everything that has happened in the past seven days. And when I met the people who wanted to help me so many years ago, I didn't expect that I will end up as a fraud, manipulator, and the worst scum on the front pages.

- I've read all sorts of terrible horrors, from being the biggest scum of this country to the claims that I deceived the entire state, and why, because of one doctor from Sweeden who wrote on social networks the day before the TV show was aired, and I didn't hide that - Milan said.

He couldn't talk much about the doctor who helped him because of his family because the relationship he had with him was "bizarre". 

I've met that doctor four and a half years ago when the state television made a video on me where they explained that I was an excellent pupil, that I have no parents, that my grandma was dying and I should go to college. He called and he started sending 100 euros per month. I accepted the help, I didn't know him. Later on, that amount reached 300 euros, I never got 700 euros - the student of medicine said.

Foto: Printskrin Život priča

Jevdjic adds that they didn't have a normal relationship with him from the start and that he harassed and threatened him. 

- He asks me things I am ashamed of talking about. He used to say: "If you fail an exam, you will hang on a pillar on Terazije square, you will be beaten". I listened to that every day. "If you were good, your parents wouldn't abandon you". He said that I had a mental illness. The entire relationship based on me being his slave, and that you must do everything in your life the way he wants, you can't go anywhere unless he approves it, you can't do anything with his money unless he approves it. A slave is a weak expression, I had to obey all of his demands - Milan continues.

He stresses that he had to accept the help because he had no choice, he wanted to finish the faculty and having someone's support meant a lot. 

- That is why I endured everything and I hopped it will all go away. That relationship meant that I couldn't have my own me, my own life. My college is no longer important, I can't be anyone's slave. I wasn't born to be a slave of some doctor who tells lies about me.

- I never said on the TV show that I didn't have help, but it turns out that it is disgrace that I went out five times in my life. But I can answer all accusations. That famous travel to Monte Carlo, where I spent "loads of money" was a student excursion. The route was Italy - Spain - France, and it cost the incredible 300 euros I had at the moment, and thanks to grandma of the girlfriend at the time and the support of her family. I was blackmailed by the "benefactor" that I must not go to the excursion - Milan said at the morning program.

Foto: TV Prva

On Srdjan's remark that he has been marked for his entire life and the question what are his plans for the future, Milan said:

- It seems that I am the greatest problem of this country. I will answer the accusations of the "benefactor" on the court, where we will clear out in our relations - Milan concluded.

Watch Milan's appearance at the show "Live talks":

Perhaps the opinions about this young man are divided, but they are not about this lady from the video. Watch how a woman stole from a stroller:


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