They invite people to lynch the Muslims and the defense of Europe from Islamization with the picture of Saint Sava Temple

The Temple of Saint Sava in Belgrade is in the center of the last fascist, racist scandal in Belfast, the capital of Northern Ireland. Telegraf exclusively finds out from a special reporter from the United Kingdom

A group, which calls themselves "Generation Sparta", has put hundreds of flyers into the mailboxes which are inviting to "Defend Europe and to resist Islamisation of Europe". A photo of the Temple from Belgrade was used for the front page of the website of this relatively unknown, right-wing organization.

We all know that the Church of Saint Sava is the greatest temple in Serbia, and where is the smallest? (PHOTO)

The flyers were put into the mailboxes on Wednesday or in the night between Wednesday and Thursday, in a part of the city known for a mixed population. There are Protestant and Catholic families in this part of Belfast, and there is a large number of migrant families from all over the world. The police are currently treating this as a hate speech, the investigation is in progress, and the local citizens are very disturbed because it is unknown who is behind this incident. Telegraf exclusively finds out from a special reporter from the United Kingdom.

Foto: Twitter/MegMog95

There were terrible attacks on migrants and their families. Immigrants from Islamic states and African countries were the targets of the attacks, but also the people who came here from the countries of the former Soviet Union, Poland...

On the flyer, besides this mysterious organization, there is an invitation to the citizens of Belfast to defend their nation and to offer resistance to Islamisation. Also, the organization claims that its members are Protestants and Catholics, but only texts and video material in English language can be found on the web page, the English victims who died in the attacks of radical Islamists, and the stories about the origin of English people and their DNK roots, and there is also a phone number registered in Belfast.

Unfortunately, the photo of the magnificent Temple of Saint Sava on Vracar was abused to invite people to lynch the Muslim citizens. The leaders of these political parties in Northern Ireland condemned this incident.

Foto: generationsparta.com


It is interesting that the motto in on the invitation to "resist Islamisation", and that is "Britain against Jihad". Northern Ireland is not the part of Great Britain, but the part of United Kingdom. The only recognized name for all four countries which make up the United Kingdom (England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland) is Great Britain and Northern Ireland, or UnightedKingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. So the question emerges did the author of this flyer and the website make a mistake intentionally or are they people who don't really know their national history.


According to the available information, all the Internet accounts of this right-wing organization were opened on the same day when the court in Folkston, England sentenced to prison Paul Golding and Jade Fransen, leaders of the largest and most well-known right-wing organization in the UK Britain First, for distributing leaflets and flyers and hate speech.

The two were arrested in Northern Ireland in 2017 and were tried in two separate proceedings: in Northern Ireland and in England. Tomas Mer, a member of this organization, was convicted of murdering a Labor Party deputy, Joe Cox. She was killed on June 16, 2016, prior to the referendum on the UK's stay in the European Union. Mer screamed the name of this right-wing organization during the attack. Cox was a well-known fighter for human rights and equality among UK citizens.

(Telegraf.co.uk / Mahaffy)

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