Catch it, if you can! Bobi Marjanovic humiliated the strongest NBA center, everybody was laughing, even the "Brow" (VIDEO)

Serbian giant lifted the ball in one hand, while Anthony Davis bounced around him like a child

Foto: AP/Tanjug

Boban Marjanovic had his show in the defeat of Clippers from New Orleans 113:100. In 13 minutes on the court, the Serbian center almost got a double-double. He was just one rebound "short" (12 points and 9 assists).

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However, the move that will take the social networks like a storm is the moment when he made fun of the best center of the NBA - Anthony Davis. There was a lot of tension between Boban and the "Brow" in the last quarter, and the Serbian giant decided to play with him as if he was a little child.

He has raised the ball high in one hand, and it was out of reach for Davis, who bounced around Bobi like he was a child when you lift a candy.

Everybody started laughing, Rajon was in disbelief, the commentators burst into laughter, and even Davis himself started laughing. Nikola Mirotic couldn't hold his laughter and soon he started guarding Marjanovic, so the tensions between him and Davis could cool down till the end of the match.


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