In this part of Serbia, the air is cleaner than in the Alps, people from entire world come here for treatment

Ionization does miracles for health at these places and they prevent numerous diseases

According to the environmental report in Serbia, the cleanest and the best quality air is in Paracin, Kopaonik, Valjevo, Kamenicki Vis, Vranje, Zajecar, Kikinda, Kosjeric, Kostolac, Krusevac, Leskovac, while the air in Bor, Nis, and Uzice is the worst quality.

BEAUTIFUL SERBIA! A scene from Soko-Grad, a stronghold of a Bogumil which was sieged by great Prince Stefan Nemanja (PHOTO)

Although it's hard to believe, there is a place in Banat which has better quality air than the Alps. Banat is the place which is the source of the healthiest air. Poiana Marului (glade of apples) is 150km away from Temisvar, it is located 700 meters above sea level, and according to the research, the air there is cleaner than the air at Niagara Falls.

Printskrin: Youtube/Alexandru Grigore

The air quality is secured by ozone, negative ionization, natural aerosols and excellent air purity properties. Here, Ionization does miracles for health at these places and they prevent numerous diseases, reports Banat.info.

The area from Malo Srediste on Vrsac mountains is also in that group. That is well known, ever since the thirties of the last century. The queen Mariora (Maria of Romania, Swabian princess), built the building of Red Cross, shaped like a cross for treatment and recovery of people who had lung sicknesses, and it was associated with a pulmonary hospital in Bela Crkva.

Printskrin: Youtube/Alexandru Grigore

Negative ions, also known as vitamins of the air, stimulate and harmonize most vital processes, but also the psychic and emotional sphere. In the presence of ions, the immune system is very active, blood circulation increases, and regenerative processes are stimulated.

About 10 years ago, French experts found that in this place negative air ionization is higher than in the famous Davos resort in Switzerland. This data is scientifically proven, and most importantly, this fact is confirmed by the heart, lungs, and brain of every tourist.


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