The danger is lurking with every step: The attacks are coming from the sky - everybody passing through here are in danger

The crows are caring parents, and sometimes they exaggerate it, and their "craziness" starts with the nesting

If you thought that there is nothing worse than chigoe flea - then you are greatly mistaken. The citizens of Belgrade will be in danger since the middle of May to the middle of June because of the nervous crows

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The crows are caring parents, and sometimes they exaggerate it, and their "craziness" starts with the nesting. They are attacking everybody who comes close to their hatchlings


They have been attacking people of Belgrade who were passing by their nests, and people often ended up at the doctor's office for injuries, according to Blic. Also, crows attack citizens in the mating seasons, from March to the summer - which means that this is the most dangerous period.

Animals and nature are in some kind of symbiosis which is extremely unusual, especially in the city conditions. When they stary lying on the eggs, there are crowds under the nests, people are shouting and yelling. It is interesting that birds almost never attack older people because they are quiet.

- Some craws are feeding their hatchlings, some teach them to fly, they are simply caring parents, they want to chase away every danger from their children and to protect them from anything they might consider predators - ornithologist think.

Foto: flickr/mark sebastian

People become potential target whenever they pass near the crow nests, they don't even have to be very close, it is enough for the crow to feel in danger and they immediately head for the attack.


Taking into consideration that those are the most intelligent birds who are not afraid of anything, so the fear won't prevent them from attacking a car or a dog, even a man, the experts say that it is very hard to defend from the attack. Lucky circumstance is that these attacks are most often just a warning, which are manifested with the bird flying over close to the human head.

To reduce the possibility of the attack to the absolute minimum, the experts advise not to touch the hatchlings, even avoid coming close to them. Also, avoid walking too close to the tall trees where craws are nesting, and avoid bushes where little birds might be hiding until they learn how to fly and become independent. 

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