Bosnian won the lottery, and then he was found dead: His son suspects that his father was murdered (PHOTO)

Amel Hamzic found out over Facebook that his father died from a heart attack from his cousin

Amel Hamzic from Zenica suspects that his father Fahrudin may have been killed because of his recent win on the lottery and the property he owned. His unmarried wife Ema could be behind the death of the unfortunate man.

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Fahruudin recently won 880.000 euros on the lottery. Amel Hamzic found out over Facebook that his father died from a heart attack from his cousin.

Amel has been trying to reach Ema ever since he found out that his father has passed away on April 22nd so he could get the death certificate and to find out the date of the funeral.

- I contacted her, but she didn't want to say anything. Instead of information about my father's funeral and the details of his death, she blocked me on Facebook - Hamzic said, Dnevni avaz writes.

Fahrudin, who changed his name to Filip Antonio Vestol, had property even before winning the lottery, and he stopped every contact with his son after that, and that is why Amel suspects how his father died. 

Hamzic claims that his unmarried wife used the father's Facebook account after that.

- She said that we are a bad influence on him and that is why we will stop the contact. Besides that, due to the way we were told how he died, and because the date of the funeral is hidden and a lot of details, my family and I suspect that he was murdered, poisoned! We would like an autopsy but all of the contacts are cut - Hamzic said.

Amel doesn't hide that he wasn't good with his father, but they were in touch. He went to his father in 2014, and Fahrudin visited him in Bosnia and Herzegovina after that.

- I went to all places, I wrote to the embassies and consuls, however, I couldn't find out anything. The only thing I could find out is that he lived with Ema in an informal marriage, although she claimed that they were married. The last place of residence was a little city Halden and I don't know anything after that - he said.

Hamzic said that he believes that his father might have left a testimony, which would reveal more details. 

Foto: Profimedia

- I think that he could leave a testimony. Things could be clearer then. However, even if he left it, we can't reach it. That woman he lived with could have destroyed it - Hamzic said. 

Amel additionally suspect the way his father died because he received the information from his Fahrudin's wife, while they still had contact on Facebook, that Fahrudin wanted to be cremated.

- The story about cremating started suddenly. Honestly, I suspect that my father wanted that. Also, that gives me the suspicion that they want some things to be hidden and to prevent them from emerging - Hamzic said.


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