Teme: killed

Shocking words of a mother of late David Dragicevic are tearing up the soul: "Why were you the first one to go, and I stayed"

Bloody shooting after midnight in Bijelo Polje: One Serb was killed, the other one was wounded!

Celebration in Knin, silence in Belgrade: Commemoration for the victims of the "Storm" in the church of St. Marko (VIDEO)

Dragoslav Misa Ognjanovic buried: "Hills nowhere, everything is flat", after the shocking speech, the painful words of the widow still echo (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

The crime that will never be forgotten: It has been four years since the brutal murder of Tijana Juric

The horrible death of a Serb in Becici: Was the daughter of a local tycoon and the owner of a luxurious hotel on St Stefan behind the steering wheel of death? (PHOTO)

The mysterious disappearance of Serbs in the Golden Gulf, everybody is quiet about that: Russian mafia cemented Serbian workers in the foundation of the hotel?! (PHOTO)

Murderer from Malta was arrested for robbery in Serbia: His friend told on him to the police and he revealed a real truth about him (PHOTO)

They cut off Andjelko's head and they played football with it: It has been 26 years since the Bloody Petrovdan in Bratunac (PHOTO)

"I just reached for the knife. I am so sorry, I still love him very much": This is what transvestite Goran said at the hearing for the murder of Marko Radovic

"My son loved Marko, and he used to beat him up and cheat on him": Mother of a transvestite, Goran, claims that he killed him by accident, out of despair

They made a commercial for glasses in Jasenovac camp: Croats found another way to make fun of the Ustasha's victims

The driver from hell hit children and killed little Aleksa on Divcibare. Was he driving his child in the back seat?

25 years since the death of Romeo and Juliet from Sarajevo: Fatally wounded Admira crawled to dead Bosko, she hugged him and she passed away

Bosnian won the lottery, and then he was found dead: His son suspects that his father was murdered (PHOTO)

David's father called upon all authorities in the parliament of Republika Srpska: I am asking for truth and justice, who is involved in the murder of my son

Stojan first hit grandpa Sveta with a car, and then the sisters Milica and Marija. They are all dead now, and what is his punishment? (PHOTO)

10 MINUTES OF DRAMA IN BELGRADE: A programmer (30) shot his former colleague, he ran out of the company and tried to kill himself! (PHOTO AND VIDEO FROM THE SCENE)

SHOOTING IN BELGRADE, THERE ARE CASUALTIES: Man jumped from the sixth floor, the emergency teams are arriving constantly (PHOTO

Albanian from Kosovo lived in Germany, and then went to fight in Syria: That's where they killed him!

THE MOST MYSTERIOUS CRIME IN SERBIA: Marija (27) disappeared 13 years ago, the body was never found, the suspects were released, and that's not the worst part

Oliver's wife has a message for his killers: It is very well known who did it (PHOTO)

A rare BEAST in our areas was shot: Brutal like the wolf, it spreads diseases dangerous for people, and it can mate with dogs! (VIDEO)

Spomenko (15) died in 1993 war: They called him Little Obilic, he pulled out dead and wounded friends from the front under the rain of bullets and grenades (VIDEO)

Details of the horrible murder of a boy in Pancevo, they changed the location at the last moment: They were killing each other while false friends were watching!

Bloody drinking: He accused his friend of stealing the phone, and then he beat him to death (PHOTO)

Vucic expressed his condolences over the attack in Barcelona

(DISTURBING VIDEO) Serbian Dijana avoided the massacre in Barcelona and made a terrible video! The dismembered bodies lie everywhere

Aleksandra was in a line of fear and helplessness: I can still hear the sentence "We have to leave the house". I felt the shrapnels on me (PHOTO)

Kolinda poured oil to the fire for Serbs: "The Storm" was brilliant victory under the leadership of Tudjman