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A record-breaking baby was born: Twice as heavy as the others, 5 kilos and 600 grams


With four children weighing 20.550 grams at birth, Sladjana is absolute record holder among mothers

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A champion baby was born in Sabac maternity hospital, and mother Sladjana Maksimovic (30) is a record holder regarding the weight of the born children. She is almost twice as heavy from the friend Teodor, and she is longer by 8 cm from most other babies. 

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With 5 kilos and 600 grams, she got a vice-championship title at the maternity ward, great scores, the name of a princess and a joy of a mother of the heaviest baby in the family Maksimovic in Krnule.

I was big, everybody thought that I was carrying triplets, but I fought to be as active as possible, I was running behind my children and it all went well - mother Sladjana said.

With four children weighing 20.550 grams at birth, Sladjana is absolute record holder among mothers.

- All natural, no Epidural, no painkillers, nothing, no complications - she said.

12 years ago, she gave birth to Dusan, he had 5 kg and 200 grams, and Katarina was smallest with 4 kg and 200 grams. Milica was born with 5.5 kg and now Teodora took over the title with 100 grams more.

Foto: Printskrin RTS

- Everybody is amazed by the weight, and I am overjoyed, I was so happy when my wife called me, of course, I had to treat double - the father Slobodan Maksimovic explains.

The largest baby born in Sabac had 6 kg and 200 grams. Chubby babies are not rare.

- There are more and more mothers giving birth to large babies, and I congratulate them on the courage because those births are most often done in a natural way and without complications - Dr. Dragan Milosevic said, head of the department of gynecology and obstetrics of General Hospital in Sabac.

Foto: Printskrin RTS

Teodora's mother said that born babies usually wear the size 56 and that her daughter will go to 74 right away.

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