There is a real river paradise in Serbia, tucked away in the deep forest: When you step behind dense trees, there are spectacular waterfalls and canyons (PHOTO)

Tiny waterfalls, vast forests and untouched wild nature irresistibly invite you to step into a world of fairy tales. A good macadam is spread through the 20 km long canyon

River Resava is the longest right tributary of the Great Morava. It is around 70km long and it goes through the municipalities Despotovac and Svilajnac. It originates from the Zlotska River and Bobovac stream. The source is over 1100 meters above sea level, and the estuary is at 94 meters. 

Ribnica cave, 13 linden trees, monastery and a river: This place is a real treasure of Serbia, and it is close to beautiful Valjevo (PHOTO)

On the opposite side of the mountain, 15 km to the south, a river springs which got its name Resava after the numerous fringes (Serbian: Rese) that are hanging from the trees towards the water. At the source location, Resava flows through the old-growth forest Vinatovaca. This dense beech forest was declared a Nature Park, as well as the canyon of the river Klocanica, the left tributary of Resava, which during the summer sinks in the narrow part of the canyon called Suvaja.

The canyon part of Resava is about 25km long. Somewhat downstream, a river flows into Resava, which is so short that it didn't even get a name.

It has already made a 20 meter deep crated in its short flow and it made one of the most attractive waterfalls in Eastern Serbia. The waterfall is colorful, especially in the spring when the flow of water is stronger. There is so much water that it is almost impossible to approach from the lower side - that is probably the reason why it is called the Great Sprinkler (Veliko Prskalo).

Trouts are living in the clear river water. The locals have built a lot of fishponds down the river.

In the place where Vrelo is flowing into Resava, a motel Lisina has been constructed which has its own fishpond. The river canyon slowly spreads to the place where Resavica flows into the river Resava from the left. The river enters a wide basin at the monastery Manasija and it flows towards Svilajnac where it merges with Great Morava.

Two kilometers upstream from Strmosten there is Malo Vrelo.

The sides of the canyon Suvaja are full with many caves. The other tributary in the basin of Lisina, Cemernica, has created a gorge which was cut in with high limestone sections of Beljanica.

One of such is Vrelo that springs not far from Lisina, below the steep sections of Radoseva cave. That is a cold, clear water of 8 degrees C, flowing out of the limestone and goes down the limestone blocks, creating the Vrelo Springs. The Vrelo Waterfall is the most attractive and it is considered to be the highest in Serbia.

The waterfall on Veliko Vrelo is the jewel of Gornja Resava. It is located at the foot of Sopotnica, the peak of Beljanica, about 400 meters above sea level. Sparkling, clear, and cold water, first over small cascades (upper waterfall of 0.5 meters, the middle waterfall of 2 meters and lower waterfall of 2.8m) and then the vertical cut which is 20 meters high, and the water collapses with the great noise into the deep amphitheater with vertical sides.

Veliki Buk is one of our highest waterfalls in Serbia, and the river that creates it is almost magical.

There is a 5-meter deep lake at the bottom of the amphitheater. A rainbow effect can be seen from the water particles which are created when the water collapses. Near the mouth of the Veliko Vrelo in Resava, there is also the highest waterfall on Resava - Buk, with the deep source Zelenika. Here the river falls with a great noise, from a height of 3 m to a deep green (zelen) whirlpool, which is why it was named Zelenik.

The pure streams of Gornja Resava are inhabited by an exceptional fish species, a Riverine brown trout. The people of this region use the clear, cold waters of Resava, they build fishponds to breed trout. There are many caves in this region, 107 of which have been explored.

Hunting tourism is well developed in this area. A hundred-year-old beech forests - Vinatovaca is put under protection as a natural good of remarkable significance, and the hunting grounds "South Kucaj" is located here. Two more canyon valleys are cut in the upper flow of Resava, between Beljanica and Kucaj: Sklop and Glopska Dolina.

Canyon of Resava is one of the most beautiful and most interesting erosion phenomena of the entire area of Despotovac Municipality. It is very interesting and attractive to tourists. It covers the area in which Resava flows and vertically high rocks that arise over the river.

The gorge is sheltered by vertical rocky walls rising 300 meters above the river bed. The vegetation is very diverse, so at the bottom of the gorge there are the forests of the Balkan beech and hazels, on the higher and steep parts, there is a mixed forest community of maple trees, ash, and hazels.


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The waters in the parts of the gorge are hosts to salmons. The gorge is protected under the regime of the regional park "Gornja Resava" and partly in the regime of a strict natural reserve.

Tiny waterfalls, vast forests and untouched wild nature irresistibly invite you to step into a world of fairy tales. A good macadam is spread through the 20 km long canyon.


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