Serbia is the champion of Europe in basketball: Pecarski and Petrusev broke Latvia in the middle of Riga! (VIDEO)

This is the seventh medal for the juniors of Serbia, and twentieth in total, taking into account all of them since 1964

The junior basketball team of Serbia defended the title of the champion of Europe after the victory against the team of Latvia 99:90 (32:20, 22:21, 25:24, 25:20) in front of about 10,000 opposing fans! 

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After excellent games during the entire tournament, the chosen players of Aleksandar Bucan managed to reach gold and the title of best team in Europe U18 in full Arena in Riga in the match where they dominated. 

Our boys started the first quarter and they showed from the start that they are not giving up from their title which they won on the last tournament in Bratislava. This part of the game went to the "Eagles" with the score of 32:20, and the team Pecarski-Petrusev worked like a charm.

Serbia's team played just like they really can. Focused in the attack and in defense with the good choice of shoots and with great rebounds. They were so dominant in this part of the game that the data shows 33 rebounds for Serbia and 13 for Latvia.

It is interesting that only five players scored points in our team during the first part of the game, and the trio Pecarski (20 points) - Petrusev (17) - Paunovic (10) "gathered" a total of 47.

Printscreen: Youtube/FIBA

However, when there was a break, the home team needed just two minutes to completely return to the match. They made a series of 10-2 and they came dangerously close to Serbia. "The red lamp" soon went off, so the chosen team of the coach Bucan managed to prevent the charge of the host and to increase the lead from the halftime by the end of the third quarter.

Latvia came close to 4 points, but that wasn't enough to change something. Serbia kept the advantage which brought the title of the Champion of Europe! To recall, this is the seventh medal for Serbia, and twentieth in total, taking into account all of them since 1964.

The most efficient in our team were Pecarski with 34 points and 13 rebounds, Petrusev scored 29 points and 8 rebounds, and Paunovic with 17 points.

On the other side, the most efficient in the Latvian team were Zagars with 26 and Veveris with 20 points.

Bravo Eagles1

Serbia: Ilic 9, Islamovic, Paunovic 17, Pecarski 34, Trifunovic 5, Cerovina, Kuzmanovic 3, Lakic 2, Nedelkovic, Petrusev 29, Rutesic, Vasiljevic.

Latvia: Berzins 2, Miska 5, Snipke 8, Veveris 20, Zagars 26, Berkis 2, Hlebovickis, Kilps 6, Kuruc 14, Mezulis, Stainbergs, Viksne 7.

Foto: youtube.com

Foto: youtube.com

Printscreen: Youtube/FIBA

Foto: youtube.com


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