Teme: European Championship

Two countries, one soul: Montenegro kids celebrated the European gold with "Eagles"! (VIDEO)

Serbia is the champion of Europe in basketball: Pecarski and Petrusev broke Latvia in the middle of Riga! (VIDEO)

THE ETERNAL CHAMPIONS: Water polo players of Serbia are the Champions of Europe! Spain defeated after the penalties! (PHOTO)

Deki Savic showed Croats what it means to be a gentleman: Take a look what was the first thing he did after Serbian victory (VIDEO)

A scandalous move by Croatian coach: Cervar entered the court and dragged the best Belarus player in the last attack! (VIDEO)

Serbian handball players isolated at the outskirts of Split, we have no training before the match, and if we win... Is this Croat's provocation of fear that Serbs might be attacked?

With Georgia on the day when we were most proud of our football players! (VIDEO)

He loves basketball ever since Sasa's three points to Croats: Irish journalist is a hot topic in Istanbul (VIDEO)

Bogdan caused delirium, Muta showed muscles, Sale said: I am now the proudest Serb in the world! (VIDEO)

Stimac's message for the Eagles who missed the tournament: Teo, Joko, Radulja, Kale, Nedo, Simke... (PHOTO)

SERBIA IS IN THE SEMIFINALS OF EUROBASKET: Eagles demolished Italy and scheduled a battle with the Russians!

She loves Kalinic, she adores Raduljica, she scolded Jokic and Bobi: Turkish journalist amazed us with how much she cheers for Serbia on Eurobasket! (PHOTO)

Saric went crazy when reporters mentioned Serbia: Croatian basketball player rushed angry to the dressing room (VIDEO)

Serbia got its rival in the first knockout round: It's known who are the possible opponents till the end! (PHOTO)

THAT IS THE REAL SERBIA! Eagles were great in the game, Bogdan and Jovic silenced Istanbul! (VIDEO)

The incredible defense for the match ball and then the point which made Kovacevic run to the stands without his jersey: The entire world is admiring the point for Bronze! (VIDEO)

Take a look at the action of Bobi and Bogdan you have not seen before when Serbia was playing (VIDEO)

A beautiful journalist from Latvia before the match with Serbia: I can's say who is your most beautiful player, my Latvians will be mad! (VIDEO)

Teodosic before the first match of Serbia on Eurobasket: See the message of the injured captain that will motivate the national team! (PHOTO)

The Serbian playmaker hits 10 three points in 30 seconds! The rapid fire of Vasa Micic! (VIDEO)

The last message from Djokovic to basketball players before the start of Eurobasket! (VIDEO)

Which 12 warriors is Djordjevic taking to Istanbul? Two more days till Serbia's departure to Eurobasket!

Americans have calculated how much Jokic will be worth in five years: Now its a bit clearer why he refused to play for Serbia (PHOTO)

THE DAY WHEN PUTIN THUNDERED: Whoever has problems with that, he can suffer, my Serbia is World Champion! (VIDEO)

Sale Djordjevic won't be coach of Serbia after Eurobasket: Svetislav Pesic revealed new findings from Bayern!

We are lucky to have a man at the head of the state who understands significance of athletics to development of Serbian sport: Jevrosimovic about results, plans and help of PM and the Government

The best photos from the European Athletics Championships in Belgrade!

Veselin Jevrosimovic proud of the organization of European Championship: Ivana, thank you for brightening the face of the whole nation (VIDEO)

Ivana, with tears in her eyes, sang national anthem: Scene for the pride of Serbs in Arena (VIDEO)

All Ivana's medals for Serbia: Next one will be the anniversary medal! (PHOTO)