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Milomir found a stolen wallet in the center of Belgrade, and the owner had only one request (PHOTO)


He is now a good friend of the robbed young man due to act

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A hard-working and an honest young man returned the faith in humanity. Milomir Djukic (21) from Ivanjica found a lost wallet and he had no doubts what to do with it. He knew that someone lost a lot of money and all credit cards.

Milan from Prokuplje found a wallet and called a number immediately. Now the entire city is talking about him (PHOTO)

Milomir is a construction worker in Belgrade and the destiny itself brought him to Slavija where the unfortunate young man was robbed that morning. Although many people would just continue walking, or eventually look if there is something left for them in the wallet, Milomir decided not to be one of them.

He picked up the wallet from the ground and he was happy when he saw that there are personal IDs in it. He managed to find the robbed owner, Sasa. 

- My friend and I were going on our break to buy lunch. When we went to the street we saw documents on the sidewalk. I took them and I managed to find the owner over Facebook. Of course, he was happy when I contacted him. The situation wasn't that happy, but I am glad that I met him. Sasa is a good young man who was so happy that he brought cookies and juice when we met to give him the documents - Milomir said.

The thieves took the money, of course, but the left the documents, and they spared the owner of having to get new ones. The only good thing that came out of this is a new friendship of Sasa and Milomir.

Foto: Privatna arhiva

The only request Milomir had for his new friend is to let him know if he hears about some job. And we appeal to anyone who needs a worker to let our editorial staff know or write at the email of the reporter signed at the end of this text.

Milomir said that he is hard working and we take his word for it, that he is honest and honorable - and you could see that for yourself.

Thieves in Belgrade rob many people on daily basis. Sometimes, they work on their own, sometimes in a group of 2-3, but they always succeed in their intentions - to rob a person.

We just hope that there are many good people like Milomir and that these situations won't always have a bad ending.

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(Telegraf.co.uk / Ivana Vlajkovic / i.vlajkovic@telegraf.rs)

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