Tamara is one of the best students in Serbia, and the one with the worst luck: A cute story of three subjects that ruined the perfect 10

We can rarely say that a 9 in a student's report card is a bad grade

Tamara Stokic (23) was so close in reaching the average grade of 10 on the Faculty of Mining and Geology. The hard-working girl from Pancevo graduated from college with three 9s in her student's report card with the average grade of 9.93. 

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Going through Tamara's report card is relaxing since you can see 10s she received during her studies of Oil processing, but it was "cut" in three places. And the highest student's grades were diminished by three "fatal" nines. Those bad grades would look much better in someone other's report card.

A fan wakes up within you even though you might not be a sports lover. Chills are going through the spine of a fan whose team has been winning the entire season with 100 points, and only a few points were missing in the last seconds. Undeniably a great success, thunderous applause, or comments in her case "so close".

- Ah, if I could go back in time, I would have probably annulled the grades. Everybody asks me how could I be so close. A nine is a "disaster" for you - the graduated Oil Processing engineer admits and says that her environment was surprised with the "failures".

However, she did something entirely opposite in her demanding department. She gave her best in every exam, she passed in her first try and she didn't annul any grade. Well, what were those subjects that gave Tamara a hard time?

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- I had two nines from Informatics and Engineering Graphics. In the third year, from the expert class Machines and devices for exploitation of oil and gas. I have to admit, I am a girl, and those are some technical things that I don't like. I organized everything like every other subject. I didn't annul anything, but if I could go back in time four years back, I would beat myself up for Informatics, that is my fault, the organization didn't suit me - Tamara said and adds:

- I am a perfectionist. When you work - you work, when you have fun - you have fun. I believe that effort and hard work pays off. After a hard day, when I lie down, I can't sleep because I have obligations that are over my head. And then I get up, I work from nine to 10 in the evening until my concentration lasts. We had a lot of elaborates, homework, so I had to fulfill obligations regularly - she reveals how she got to this amazing average.

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- The hardest for me was that I had to give up folklore dancing that I have been training for 10 years, and I used to take English lessons. I would go out with my friends on Saturday, and I have to prepare on Sunday for the next week - she reveals the cruel side of success, which motivates the perspective of the profession itself.


Tamara is enjoying summer and a well-deserved vacation and she is slowly preparing for master studies, which she plans on enrolling in her mother university.

She is still cautious about her desires when it comes to employment. As she said, she is not sure that she will be able to get into the student's practice, even with her average grade. She had no luck at the university, where all vacant jobs for assistant professors were filled up.

But, persistence won't lack for sure:

- After the master studies, we will see. Perhaps I will go abroad, but I would like to stay here if I could get a steady job - Tamara concludes.

(Telegraf.co.uk / Milena Rodic / m.rodic@telegraf.rs)

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