My big, fat, Orthodox, Krajina wedding: Dragana and Radoslav from Knin got married in folk attires (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

Many newlyweds try to respect the customs and tradition, but the couple wearing traditional costumes is something really rare

They were children when they ran away from Krajina in 1995. Rows of refugees, exile, poverty, rough childhood and a lot of work. The destinies of Dragana and Radoslav were similar, and now, 23 years later, they decided to get married in Krajina attires.

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- We met in 2012, we lived in the same area. We quickly found out that we were born in Krajina, a village next to a village. We have similar interests, we started a relationship a few months later on. We dreamt about the same things - Dragana Sorgic said for our portal.

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In 2016 they went to Krajina together. They visited monastery Krka and they understood that it is time to crown their love with marriage. Despite the modern times, they decided to start the marriage according to old customs.

- We went into the monastery, we prayed and we looked. We knew that it was the time for a new step. We reached a decision to get married in our traditional attires. Not for some fun or a joke, but for religion and tradition. We wanted to pay respect to our forefathers for everything they have done for us - Dragana said, proud of her origins.

Foto: Fotoblic

Many newlyweds try to respect the customs and tradition, but the couple wearing traditional costumes is something really rare.

They stepped in front of the altar on July 29th. There was shooting for the apple, they bought the bride, even the cake was decorated in a special way.

Foto: Fotoblic

- Everything was great, there were song and music. Our "Gluvo" kolo was played. Girls played without music, the only thing that could be heard was the sound of girls' feet stomping on the ground and the clatter of coins around their necks. We are happy and proud that our wedding was like this - Dragana said.

This young couple tries to preserve tradition and they don't want to forget their origins and customs. They go often in their homeland, and one day, they will introduce their children to their birthplace.

Foto: Fotoblic

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