The voice of this little angel struck the hearts of entire Serbia: The last video of little Dusan singing in his favorite football club (VIDEO)

People have been saying their last farewell from the little Dusan Todorovic (4) from Svilajnac who passed away

The entire is saying their last farewell from the little Dusan Todorovic (4) from Svilajnac, whose sickness and courage united the country, but who unfortunately passed away this Saturday.

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Duki was a great fan of Partizan, he used to go to the games of Black-and-whites all the time, and the club from Humska was among the first ones which started collecting money to help his treatment.

Soon after the boy's death, a video started spreading over the social networks. Little Dusan singing one of Partizan songs: "I love black-and-whites, I proudly say it". The voice of this angel struck a lot of hearts.

To recall, Duki's favorite player was Nemanja Miletic, who couldn't fulfill the wish of little Duki, but he dedicated his goal in Nis (Radnicki - Partizan 2:2) to his late little friend.

The basketball players also dedicated their win to little Duki.


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