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A hospital asked Ivana to return 3.000 dinars for overtime work: She decided to fight, she charged 167.000 dinars and she is not stopping there


Ivana claims that she was already the target for the management and that is why she decided to fight for her rights

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Foto: Privatna arhiva

According to the verdict of the Basic Court in Prokuplje, and based on the lawsuit, General Hospital "Dr. Aleksa Savic" must pay Ivana Peric, employed as a legal officer in the hospital, more than 167,000 dinars (around 1400 euros).

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What is interesting is that everything started around 3.000 dinars (25 euros) which were paid to Peric for overtime work in August 2015. One year later, Peric received a notice to return the money and they will take it from her next paycheck. She didn't sign that notice, but she went to a lawyer and filed a lawsuit against the hospital.

- I decided to contact the lawyer because I had been previously targeted by the management. This was my way to stand up and fight for my rights. According to the law, they could complain within 60 days to the decision with which I was given 3.000 dinars for overtime, but they didn't do it, and it has been an entire year - Peric explained

The judge of the Basic Court, Olgica Pajevic, dismissed her lawsuit. Peric complained to the Appellate Court in Nis and this court ruled that the complaint is valid and ordered a new proceeding. In the second case, it was ruled in Peric's favor.

Foto: Privatna arhiva

- According to the verdict, the general hospital "Dr. Aleksa Savic" must pay, from their own funds, more than 167.000 dinars for all the expenses of the procedure. And they have to pay for the lawyer who represented them - Peric said.

She adds that she won't stop there, but the justice has been served and she fought for her rights.

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