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Serbia is making a property list in Croatia worth 1.8 billion euros

Gruevski denies Wikileaks information that Macedonia agreed in 2008 to change its name: "We will listen to the various nonsense of the government during the campaign"

I will defend Republika Srpska even from Davor Dragicevic! He told me that I will cry over the bones of my children: Dodik about the "David" case (VIDEO)

The mysterious disappearance of Serbs in the Golden Gulf, everybody is quiet about that: Russian mafia cemented Serbian workers in the foundation of the hotel?! (PHOTO)

"I just reached for the knife. I am so sorry, I still love him very much": This is what transvestite Goran said at the hearing for the murder of Marko Radovic

"Dad, don't do that to me, don't take me away": Dramatic footage of little Cesar being taken away, he begged his father not to separate him from the mother (VIDEO)

Bloody Azra sentenced to 14 years in prison: She tortured and butchered Serbs, she tore away their genitals and ears, she cut in crosses and letter "S"

Fathers of the brutally murdered young men, David and Dzenan, protested in Sarajevo: They asked for justice for their children and they said they won't give up (VIDEO)

Goran could go to prison for roasting peppers for "ajvar" in Canada, and now he is asking for compensation of 15 million dollars!

Goran's baby disappeared 20 years ago, and he doesn't want 10.000 euros, he is seeking for justice for 1.500 families and his child (PHOTO)

The defender of the accused in the Zakynthos case: Serbian boys won't go to a lifetime in prison, even if it is proven that they committed aggravated murder!

Greeks want lifetime sentence for seven Serbs on Zakynthos: The investigation showed that Henderson was killed in just 11 seconds

12 babies went blind after the birth in the Clinic in Skopje: Their parents received 600.000 euros in compensation 10 years later (PHOTO)

Stojan first hit grandpa Sveta with a car, and then the sisters Milica and Marija. They are all dead now, and what is his punishment? (PHOTO)

Parents in Republika Srpska were fined for refusing to vaccinate their child! The penalty is the smallest and it is absurd

Praljak's suicide investigation completed: It was revealed if someone helped him kill himself

Friends on Facebook are justifying Rasa and they don't believe he killed his father: "He is lovely, he made good parties, let's sent him money to prison"

THE MOST MYSTERIOUS CRIME IN SERBIA: Marija (27) disappeared 13 years ago, the body was never found, the suspects were released, and that's not the worst part

INCREDIBLE TWIST IN THE CASE OF A MURDER ON ZAKYNTHOS: Latest autopsy evidence can set the arrested Serbs free (VIDEO)

He said only one word in the courtroom and they all went silent: The mother of murdered Kristina (18) face to face with the murderer who stabbed her child 88 times (VIDEO)

I've refused to KILL Milo Djikanovic!

Parents have to pay 5.000 dinars because their children skipped classes: First school fines in Pancevo

Details of the horrible murder of a boy in Pancevo, they changed the location at the last moment: They were killing each other while false friends were watching!

Croat drank poison during the announcement of the verdict?! The incident in the Hague Tribunal, the trial has been stopped! (VIDEO)

Verdicts for setting the American embassy on fire, details of trial: Four sentenced, three released!

Footage of the spectacular arrest for the murder: Special forces aimed their rifles at the door of apartment in Novi Sad, the accused had nowhere to go (VIDEO)

The mystery of the missing 3 million euros: Treasurer Boban performed the robbery of a century with his brother, they were sentenced, but they are not saying where is the money (SCHEME)

I am a Serb nationalist, they told me that the authorities in Montenegro should be taken down: Sindjelic spoke at the trial of the terrorist attempt on the election day

AGROKOR CASE: 12 associates released pending trial, Ivica Todoric detained

Captain Dragan sentenced to 15 years in prison! (VIDEO)