CIA proclaimed that Kosovo is independent, and then they "misplaced" more than 180.000 expelled Serbs: US intelligence agency has reduced the number of expelled people

According to the data from Serbia, around 200.000 can't return to their homes

The US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) in its report on countries in the world claims that 16,000 Serbs and 800,000 Albanians were expelled during the war in Kosovo, while Serbia's data indicate that some 200,000 Serbs cannot return to their homes for years, writes "Vecernje Novosti".

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The CIA document deals with all of the countries of the world, and it treats southern Serbian province as such, giving details about the state regulations, geographical position, the number of residents, climate, key political actors, etc.

So it's no wonder that they "misplaced" more than 180.000 who escaped from terrorists, so-called Kosovo Liberation Army, stated the "Novosti". 

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According to the data from Serbia, around 200.000 can't return to their homes.

In the part of the CIA report relating to Serbia, it is stated that 199.584 Kosovo Serbs were relocated, so it is no wonder that only 16.000 of them were expelled in the analysis for so-called Kosovo, writes "Novosti".

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