Slovenia and Croatia have the least influence in the EU, and this country "disappoints the most"

Slovenia and Croatia do not have Mercator position in the EU

According to the research of the European Council for Foreign Relations, with the headquartered in London, and the Stiftung Mercator Foundation, based in Essen, the most influential EU countries are Germany, France, Great Britain, and the Netherlands, while the former Yugoslav republics Slovenia and Croatia are at the very bottom. 

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Slovenia and Croatia are 25th in terms of their overall impact, where they share the position with Bulgaria and Malta, but when it comes to which countries have an impact on EU policies, they are also 25th, together with Latvia and Malta, showed a study called "EU Coalition Explorer".

Also, the survey showed that Germany is the best partner in making political decisions, followed by France and Italy.

The European External Relations Council has made a report based on the questions raised by 877 experts from all EU Member States, "active in EU policy", those were experts from media, governments of countries or institutes.

Although Slovenia is among the countries with the least impact in the EU, it is well placed when it comes to advocating deeper EU integration, where it took 14th place.

When it comes to priorities, the research has shown that Slovenia is most active in the common asylum policy, a unique fiscal policy, a unique market and a unique monitoring of the Eurozone.

The survey also showed that Hungary is the country that "disappointed the most", while Slovenia is ranked 16th, as one of the countries that have least disappointed in the past two years, STA reports.

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