First footages from the scene, the bus, and the truck are charred: The police published the telephone number which could prevent the next tragedy (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

"Grandma Milica (81) remained in the apartment, she can't move": Confession of a neighbor from a burning building (AUDIO)

The footage after the terrible accident where four Serbs died: The driver fell asleep and he smashed the fence. The only survivor was wearing a safety belt (VIDEO)

A student told something to the physics professor and he immediately slapped her! Scandal in the Seventh Belgrade Gymnasium

Support to the French people from president Vucic: We are with our friends and we are prepared to help with the restoration

There was no goodbye letter, nor did Vasilije (12) kill himself over games: We have found out the terrible truth at the suicide scene (PHOTO)

Six years since the greatest massacre in Serbia: Ljubisa got up early at dawn and he started killing around the village, 13 people died

Djordje is in custody for brutal beating and torture of his girlfriend Ivana: He demanded to be placed in the solitary confinement, he is afraid for his life

The murderer from New Zealand wrote the names of Serbian heroes: Milos Obilic, Bajo Pivljanin... (PHOTO)

A terrorist was preparing for slaughter with the song about Karadzic: One minute before massacring 49 people, he was listening to the Chetnik song (VIDEO)

Husband of Marija Lukic for the first time in public: I have read 5 messages of Jutka, I knew what Marija was doing and where was she going

A car swept a student from Novi Pazar off the crosswalk in Zemun, we screamed "don't die": Car threw him 3 meters in the air (DISTURBING VIDEO) (PHOTO)

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