Serbia reached the top of the world in just 24 hours: We couldn't tell which of them was the greatest

Nemanja Matic, Milos Bikovic and Novak Djokovic

Our country climbed to the world throne in just one day, not once, but three times. The guys who can evoke different emotions many times, and they have shown that they are defending the colors of our flag, each one in their own sphere of influence, every letter of the Serbian anthem and every atom of Serbian identity.  

Drama in Manchester's locker room, Matic wanted to leave the club: You bombarded my country, there is no way that I am going to wear that poppy!

Nemanja Matic, Milos Bikovic and Novak Djokovic

We believe that it would be quite enough just to mention their names, and you will think of something extraordinary they have accomplished.

Novak became the best tennis player in the world again, Nemanja Matic was supposed to pay respect to the late British soldiers in World War I and NATO soldiers, which he didn't want to do, and Vladimir Putin decorated Milos Bikovic, he gave him the Russian state award, the Medal of Pushkin.

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While we are writing this, we are thinking about the famous saying, the smallest country, the greatest winners.

Serbia has been decorated three times, the world has bowed to us 3 times, people have proudly said: "Yes, I am a Serb". 

Social networks were on fire, the users wrote comments "not everything was so black" and that "our people are unbreakable, whatever the battles may be". 

And Serbs felt powerful for a day, they forgot their everyday life, problems, and it was just important for - THEM to remember who WE are.


Milos Bikovic is a Serbian movie, television and theater actor, who has become famous in the Russian cinematography in recent years, starting with the movie "Sunshine" of the Russian director Nikita MihalkovAnd he has been living in Russia for several years now, where he made other movies.

Bikovic said on several occasions that he is happy for activities that preserve and promote Serbian-Russian relations. He speaks the Russian language fluently, and the activity on the "brotherly" movie scene launched him into the world heights.

- It is my great honor. The culture is the face of civilization. Thank you - Bikovic wrote on Instagram with the photo of him with Vladimir Putin.

Printskrin: Youtube/RT на русском

On one occasion Bikovic for media discovered what is similar to our character, something he discovered in Russians.

- Russian people are similar to us in spirit and value system. We have formed a Slovenian mentality and an Orthodox value system, as well as a similar history. The fact that I am a Serb doesn't prevent me from experiencing and loving Russia as my home - the popular actor said.

Besides this, Milos said before that he learned the Russian language very well, and he complained that he has very little time for his personal life, and he is spending a great deal of his time in a train or an airplane.

I am constantly moving. I spent tens of thousands of kilometers in traffic. I have no personal life. Or I have very little of it. I take the train to Saint Petersburg, airplane to Moscow, and then to Belgrade. I respect the filming hours, I respect the shows I play in Belgrade. That is the life of an actor. You have to be professional for other to respect you - Milos said at one time in the interview for "Novosti".


The public loved him in Serbia, especially at the moment when the information appeared that the Manchester United player donated a lot of money for the treatment of little boy Dusan Todorovic. A lot of people wanted to put up his picture in their homes on Sunday. Just like when Tito's picture used to hang in different institutions...


Because Matic refused to wear a red poppy flower on his chest during the football match.

Serbian ace angered the public in Britain because the flower symbolizes the tribute for the dead British soldiers in the First World War. However, it also honors the soldiers of NATO.

Foto: Tanjug/AP/Mark Kerton

That is precisely what Matic didn't like and he was ever ready to leave United and England. The club respected his decision and they didn't insist on the flower. All of this happened on Sunday, and Matic explained (the day later) why he didn't want to wear the flower.

- I recognize fully why people wear poppies, I totally respect everyone’s right to do so and I have total sympathy for anyone who has lost loved ones due to conflict.  However, for me it is only a reminder of an attack that I felt personally as a young, frightened 12-year old boy living in Vrelo, as my country was devastated by the bombing of Serbia in 1999. Whilst I have done so previously, on reflection I now don't feel it is right for me to wear the poppy on my shirt. 

- I do not want to undermine the poppy as a symbol of pride within Britain or offend anyone, however, we are all a product of our own upbringing and this is a personal choice for the reasons outlined. I hope everyone understands my reasons now that I have explained them and I can concentrate on helping the team in the games that lie ahead.

Of course, he quickly became a hero of the nation. And with a good reason. He deserved it...


Foto: Tanjug/AP

Novak has been a hero of the nation for years. The best Serbian tennis player of all times, and from recently, the best player in the world. Again!

He did lose the finals of the ATP tournament in Paris, but he managed to pass Rafael Nadal and to sit on the throne, although he wasn't even in the top 20 five months ago. The last time someone was able to do that was the Russian Marat Safin in 2000.

He had a really hard injury, and then there was 2017 and 2018. There was Wimbledon and Novak started racing as if that Serbian spite started working up, after all of the criticism that came from all sides. To recall, everybody tried to tarnish everything that Novak achieved until summer 2017.

And then the ATP list appeared on Monday that we were all waiting for. The list which finally confirmed that Novak is number 1.

Foto: AP/Tanjug

He returned to the first place for the fourth time. He was first in July 2011, then on November 2012, and then he returned on July 2014.

Let's hope that he will stay in the first place now for longer, and he will end the year 2018 in it.

The most important thing is that Djokovic made Serbia proud once again. Just like the mentioned two before him - Milos Bikovic and Nemanja Matic.

VIDEO: Novak returned to number 1 spot 


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