Entire Serbia is chasing for the greatest prize ever: Everybody participates in the race for 5 million euros, and they are buying the tickets like never before

The highest lotto prize that anyone has received was in 2007 when the drum picked 13 main winners

Lotto fever is shaking Serbia. If the grand prize is drawn tonight, the winner will be richer for incredible 4.950.000 euros. This amount is the greatest Lotto prize in the history of the State lottery.

Satellite with the Serbian flag is not science fiction: Costs are not astronomical and it would monitor every inch of the country

People have been waiting for the prize to be drawn for 10 months and the players are becoming impatient, since the last grand prize was drawn in January 2018, when the amount of 300.000 euros went to a lucky winner in Belgrade.

In the long history of the State Lottery of Serbia, there have been only two grand prizes that went over 4 million euros. One of them was drawn in Odzaci in 2017 and it was 4.408.339 euros, and the other one was in Kanjiza in 2010 when the winner got 4.876.482 euros.

They said from the State lottery that the interest of the players is great, the Lotto plus is 700.000 euros, and the Joker is 20.000 euros.

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- The hype is real, we even have the players from abroad. As we found out, the significant number of people is trying out their lucky combinations over the friends from Serbia - they explain.

Due to the record amount, even the people who don't play it are playing now, so up to 746.560 combinations were submitted.

The chance to win the grand prize is 0.0000065 percent. The greatest amount of lucky winners was drawn in 2007 when the drum chose 13 main winners. On the other hand, the least winners were chosen in 2012, when there were only 3 winners.

- The significance of the state lottery is thus bigger since a large portion of the taxes for the games is going to the state budget and 19% of it is used to finance sport and youth, Red Cross of Serbia and 5% goes to treatment of rare diseases - they stated from the State lottery.

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