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Another state withdrew recognition of Kosovo, and this paper made Albanians furious (PHOTO)


The number of states who recognize Kosovo is decreasing

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The Solomon Islands withdrew the recognition of Kosovo, learns Koha, with the emphasis that it was publicly done for the first time, that is, that KTV was in possession of a document on the withdrawal of the recognition that was received by the Kosovo institutions.

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"The number of recognition of Kosovo continues to drop... The Solomon Islands derecognized Kosovo, a sovereign state in Oceania that sent a note of derecognition", KTV reports, "KosSev" reports.

The Solomon Islands derecognized Kosovo, based on Serbia’s instruction & narrative, as @portalikohanet shows. If the EU wants to remain a credible peace-broker should no longer ignore the problem of derecognition as a key factor undermining the Ks-Srb Dialogue & regional stability. pic.twitter.com/g8EWwxoncT

— Gëzim Visoka (@gezimvisoka) 02. децембар 2018.

Kosovo embassy in Canberra in Australia received the note on November 28th. KTV claims that they have this document.

"Actually, those are two papers, first from the office of the Solomon islands in Australia, where it is stated that the Ministry of Foreign affairs of this country sent a decision to Kosovo to withdraw the recognition of this country", states KTV. 

In the second, diplomatic note in this year, the same ministry looks back on establishment of diplomatic relations between Kosovo and The solomon islands, dating back in April 2015.

"The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade of Solomon Islands has the honor to inform the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kosovo that, after carefully considering and taking into account the continuation of the negotiations between Belgrade and Pristina on the final status of Kosovo and UNSC Resolution 1244, the Solomon Islands Government decided to withdraw the recognition of Kosovo as independent and sovereign state, this decision that Solomon Islands has brought remains in force until the negotiations with the mediation of the European Union are completed", the document states.

However, KTV claims that Kosovo Foreign ministry denies that they have received that kind of document. 

"The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has not received any official document from the official channels regarding the issue in question. We believe that this is all continuation of the Serbian propaganda", the director of the communications office in this ministry, Sami Kastrati, told KTV.

As KTV states, according to the Serbian sources, the recognition was withdrawn by the Union of the Comoros, Grenada, Dominican Republic, Suriname, Liberia, Sao Tome and Principe, Guinea-Bissau, Burundi, Papua New Guinea and Lesotho.

Kosovo Foreign Ministry officials say they are all about "false news" and Serbian propaganda.

VIDEO: KFOR on the way to Kosovska Mitrovica 

(Telegraf.co.uk / spitniknews/ KTV)

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