Who is Slobodan Kascelan, arrested leader of Kavac clan: He threatened that he will remove all member of the opposite clan from the face of the Earth

Kascelan is known to the public after the failed assassination attempt on him and his bodyguard Vladan Vuckovic from Herceg Novi which took place in Novi Sad in 2016

Slobodan Kascelan (55), who is considered to be a leader of the notorious "Kavac" klan, was arrested in the rented apartment in Prague, Czech Republic.

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He, at the head of Kavac clan, is considered one of the two most notorious clans from Kotor, next to the rival Skaljar clan.

Kascelan is known to the public after the failed assassination attempt on him and his bodyguard Vladan Vuckovic from Herceg Novi which took place in Novi Sad in 2016.

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Namely, a man on a motorbike shot a round of bullets at the Audi A6 with the two of them inside.

More than 15 bullets were shot, one of them hit him in the stomach, while his bodyguard was unscratched.

After the assassination attempt, he promised that he will "wipe all of the Skaljar members off the face of the Earth, down to the last one of them". 

Foto: S. Pikula

Media reported that "Kavac" clan is much crazier than "Skaljar", but also that they have criminal codex.

There was just one criminal clan in Kotor up to 2014, but since 200 kilos of cocaine disappeared in Valencia, there was a split. Now there are Skaljar and Kavac clan on the territory of Kotor. They got the names after the suburbs Skaljar and Kavac.

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The conflict between the two has been going on for 4 years, and they use explosives, bombs, and snipers in the brutal conflicts. 24 people were murdered up to December 2017 in the bloody war of the two clans, and the conflicts are not stopping even today. Media report that both criminal clans earned large amounts of money with drug trafficking and they are using it to fund the war.

The war of the clans moved to the streets of Serbia as well.

Foto: S. Pikula

Kascelan allegedly organized the murder of the famous Belgrade lawyer, Dragoslav Misa Ognjanovic, stated recently by the Montenegro newspaper Dan.

According to the Podgorica media, it is investigated if Kascelan was involved in the murder of "Skaljar" Dalibor Djuric in Prison, Goran Radoman in Belgrade, and Goran Djurickov from Budva, the godfather of the football legend Vladimir Petrovic Pizon.

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An indictment has been filed against Kascelan and members of his clan for money loaning, illegal possession of arms, drug trafficking, and money laundering and corruption.

Budva municipality concluded that they will forcefully charge 20.000 of tax debt to Slobodan Kascelan, when it was announced that eight of his apartments would be seized.

On the request of the Special Prosecutor's Office, millions in assets were seized from Kascelan and his friend Igor Bozovic.

Foto: Tanjug/Sava Radovanović

Vijesti television reported that Kascelan's property has been temporarily seized in Kotor suburbs Skaljari, Dobrota, Mirac, and other properties he has in Kotor and Budva.

Montenegro police said in the official report that Kascelan is wanted for suspicion that he committed criminal acts of attempting murder, creating criminal organization and money loaning. 

Also, he is suspected of illegal possession of arms and explosive materials with illegal production and putting into circulation of narcotics, serious acts against security and money laundering.

Kascelan has been on the run ever since and he used false identities.

The trial in the Podgorica High court still continues.

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