From Nole's Wimbledon to Red Star's Liverpool - this is the list of Top 5 Serbian achievements in 2018! (VIDEO)

A lot of Serbian athletes will remember 2018 till the rest of their lives

The passing year was really turbulent and it had a lot of sports events and successes of our representatives on all fronts - 5 of them were really special. 

Djokovic exclusively for Telegraf: It is great that Red Star in the Champions League and my return happened in the same year. Family before tennis

It's not easy making these lists, because it is really difficult to mention everything. There were a club and national successes, Olga Danilovic reached to the first WTA title before the age of 18 and she broke the record. Basketball players of Serbia won the World, and finally the European Championship, Novak returned to the throne, the women volleyball team dominated on the World Championship, Red Star played in the Champions League...

However, five successes were special.

Foto: AP/Tanjug


Wimbledon is a shifting point, Djokovic became the champion of this Grand Slam for the fourth time and he sent the most direct possible message to the competition.

After the break and elbow surgery managed to win against the tough Kevin Anderson in the finals.

To make everything easier, there was no psychological barrier, Sinsinaty was finally won, and the treasury of all Master Titles was finally completed. Then there was a title from the US Open, Masters in Shanghai, and Novak is now recharging for 2019.

VIDEO - Celebration in Novak's family: Tears of joy of mother Dijana and father Srdjan whole they watched their son and grandson celebrating the Wimbledon title 


Our national team finally crowned the incredible team spirit with the world title in a far-away  Japan in October.

The team of Zoran Terzic beat Italy in the great finals with 3:2 (21:25, 25:14, 23:25, 25:19, 15:12), put on the gold medals for the first time, they wrote the greatest success of women's volleyball in the history of this region.

Foto: japan2018.fivb.com


Foto: Marcel ter Bals

The "Dolphins" have spoiled us with various successes, and another confirmation of that came from Spain, from the European championship, where our team won the gold medal.

That was the eight title for our country, and the success was even sweeter because it was won in Barcelona, against the host, and the title of the best player went to Filip Filipovic.

VIDEO - Water polo players and people sing the anthem after the new title 


Foto: Profimedia

Spanovic managed to win a title which was missing in her career, the World Indoor Gold Medal.

In Birmingham, at the beginning of March, she jumped 6.96. She blew away the competition.

To recall, this was one of the rare gold medals that Ivana didn't have in her collection. She won a bronze medal from the world championship from Sopot, 2014, and she won silver in Portland 2016.

It was nice to see the tears of joy, while the Serbian flag flew over the USA and German flags, while the anthem "Boze Pravde" echoes in England...



Foto: Marko Jovanović

That night on Marakana was special in this football year, because Liverpool's struggle for the next part of the competition was worsened by an unknown player to them, Milan Pavkov, attacking player who had no experience, but he managed to write his name with golden letters in the history of the club.

VIDEO - Treat after Liverpool - warm welcome of Pavkov with gold beet and hot pig roast 


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