5 criminal charges filed against Davor Dragicevic: They charge him that he "compromised security"

Police Administration of Banja Luka filed a complaint against three more people from the protest

The Banja Luka Police Department sent a criminal complaint against Davor Dragicevic and three other persons to the District Public Prosecutor's Office.

After the protest "Justice for David" several people were arrested: Davor Dragicevic on the run

According to the Banja Luka media, the criminal charges were filed on suspicion that they committed five criminal offenses, including endangering security and endangering the security in connection with incitement.

Dragicevic is suspected that on December 27 and December 30, during a protest walk on two locations, he publicly issued serious threats to two people "and he caused fear and danger". 

The police statement did not indicate who these threats relate to.

The statement adds that the persons with initials Z.D., S.M., and S.S. are suspected of inciting Davor Dragicevic and other persons at these public gatherings to "commit a criminal offense to endanger security at the expense of two persons from Banja Luka".

The police are still searching for Davora Dragicevic, the father of the killed young man David Dragicevic, who was last seen on December 30 around 23 hours near the Ferhad mosque.

The police forbade all further gatherings of the "Justice for David" group.

(Telegraf.co.uk / Agencies)

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