Famous Serbian actor passed away: Marko Nikolic described his fear of death in one of his last interviews

It wasn't easy in the past several months

Our legendary actor Marko Nikolic - Giga (72) fought a long battle with the dangerous disease, and he admitted in his last interview for Glossy on May 5th that it wasn't easy. He was still in a period where he thought that he recovered and when he thought that the dangerous disease will not return.

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He died yesterday at the age of 72.

- I survived all of that and I was at the edge of life. And that is terrible. There are no defensive mechanisms in this situation, just like some other cases, when a person can defend itself. When you reach the situation when you will face death, you are thinking more about your surroundings, your family, dog, nice moments that you are going to miss, the Danube, boat... You can imagine what kind of fear that is when I no longer drink, I don't smoke, I don't eat meat - confessed legendary Giga.

Before the disease, he had a sweet tooth, and he prepared food for himself in the last few months, only what he was allowed to eat.

- It was no longer important what you eat but to eat in right time, I have high blood sugar, which also demands insulin. But besides everything, I feel good, I am full of good spirit, I have the strength to work - said Nikolic in May.

When asked if he has any regrets, he said.

- If I start thinking now, as my favorite singer Oliver Dragojevic said, everything would come down to a song. And it seems like that to me. Do I have any regrets? I would spend more time listing them than the life itself, I am extremely curious and interested in everything in this world. 

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Giga admitted that he suffered when love was at stake, but if he was interested in a woman, no one could talk him out of her.

- When it comes to spirituality and true, sincere love, I did not choose. It didn't matter if it was a famous person or not, artist or athlete, tall, short, fat or skinny. If I liked something about her, 500 people could tell me that I am not normal, but that wouldn't help, because I found something that was interesting for me. I don't know if that is fortunate or not, but I married three times and I have three wonderful children from those three marriages - said the actor.

In the last interview, while he was still feeling good, our great Giga said that it was great that he managed to postpone the disease, but he is aware that he just postponed it. 

- If a car breaks 5 cm in front of someone, that is just a delay until biological death. That is how I understood life. We all must go, but it is much better to go in a natural way. My wife recently told me that I am an idiot because I complained, "My god, Dubravka, what it this? my colleagues are falling down, it is almost unpleasant that I survived". But it's not my fault, the God showed that - said Giga.


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