What hides behind Rama's decision to erase the border between Albania and Kosovo and Metohija?

You are mixing things that can't go together in those statements - Ljajic said

The Albanian prime minister Edi Rama, with his statements about opening of border, started sending a message to the European Union that, if the accession of Albania is not accelerated, that they will go for the alternative, and that is gathering of all Albanians under a single, state-legal, and political roof, said the vice president of the Serbian government and the Minister of Trade Rasim Ljajic.

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- You are mixing things that can't go together in those statements. We have been negotiating about making the trade easier within the Berlin process and CEFTA. We have signed protocol 5 which implies economic facilitation, with the exception of Kosovo - said Ljajic for PRVA TV adding that it implies the recognition of various certificates and the reduction of waiting at the border.

She emphasizes that Pristina has not joined it, and now they want to unilaterally abolish the border with Albania, which is a paradoxical situation.

Lajic says that this activity is political, not economic.

- We are selling three times more on Kosovo than Kosovo imports from Albania. It is a political activity that they are trying to present as trade facilitation so that there will be no political reaction - Ljajic notes.

Foto: Marko Jovanović

Ljajic said that those things have nothing to do with each other and that we are all of course for easing up of the trade.

He said that Pristina is not enabling the trade with Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina which are the important members of CEFTA.

- In these conditions it is very difficult to discuss with Pristina, it is an impossible mission. Until the situation returns to the period prior to November 6, when the first 10% taxes were introduced - said Ljajic.

He said that the atmosphere for those talks is completely unfavorable as trade between Central Serbia and Kosovo has been disabled and that the authority of the EU as a mediator is questioned.

Ljajic adds that the EU can not force Prishtinë to abolish measures and that, as there were more appeals from the EU, they radicalized their actions and tightened their measures.

- Also, how would our public react if we act as if everything is normal? The dialogue is the only way, but the conditions must be created for that dialogue to give result - said Ljajic.

(Telegraf.co.uk / Tanjug)

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