The hostess of the show invited Serbs to vote for Jokic, and they had a brutal answer: He will get the vote if he plays for the national team

Serbs are not forgiving the fact that the center of Denver bailed on the national team

It seems that Denver wants Nikola Jokic to appear at "All-Star" much more than Serbs who follow basketball and our players in the strongest league in the world. 

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This can also be concluded on the basis of the appeal of Denver TV host Katy Winge, who sent a message to the Serbs to vote for their fellow countryman, and she received answers that she didn't expect.

There are 7 million people in your country according to the Google machine. Do your duty as a citizen of that country and vote Nikola Jokic to be an NBA All-Star - Katy wrote.

There was a real discussion on her post.

There is a large number of those who think that the "duty" shouldn't be fulfilled for one particular reason - Jokic didn't answer the call of the coach of Serbia, Djordjevic for the previous European championship.

It is obvious that many fans couldn't forgive the former Mega center, so they are giving him a condition - he will get the vote if he plays for the national team. Until then - nothing.

This is what people think "online", and of course, there are a lot of people (among the 120 and more comments)), who will vote for Nikola.

- He has won silver for Serbia, does no one remember the Olympic games? And does anyone understand that he needs a break from the national team in order to become a better NBA player, just like the rest of the players who skipped the national teams... - one user spiced things up.

It is unclear if Jokic will have full support from Serbia based on this, which will be loyal to the end.


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