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"You have offered us a hug and you have destroyed the cold": Children of Kosovo wrote a poem to Arnaud Gouillon (PHOTO)


Children from the enclaves devoted the verses to the humanitarian from the bottom of their souls

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Arnaud Gouillon received a poem of gratitude from the children of Kosovo and Metohija, written from the bottom of their innocent hearts, and he shared all of those verses on Twitter.

Foto: Privatna arhiva

French humanitarian wasn't able to enter the territory of the southern province, because the government of the so-called state banned him from entering. And for the first time in 12 years, he wasn't able to deliver the gifts for the children in the endangered Serbian areas, the volunteers of his organization did it instead.

Gouillon New Year's convoy stopped at the border: Pristina forbade him to deliver gifts to the children on Kosovo (VIDEO)

Amazed with the gifts, and above all with love, attention, and determination to help them, children from the village Banje, the first village in Kosovo and Metohija that Arnaud visited, dedicated a poem to him.


"Thank you for happiness, for joy and laughter, you are a wonderful person without a sin

Thank you for happiness that wipes the tears away, a person like that is rare.

We know that you will never give up on Kosovo because you always strive for endless happiness.

You brought various gifts to children, for warm heart - warm coats. 

You deserved the attention of the entire parish and the love of the entire Kosovo and Metohija.

Our entire parish respects and loves you, YOUR HOME IS KOSOVO AND METOHIJA". 


The lyrics were written by Marijana Rajkovic, but other friends from Banja, Jovana Sapic and Anastasia Kovacevic, joined her in making of those warm words.

- Sometimes we forget how much creativity and talent the children of Kosovo have. Due to the difficult living conditions, children from enclaves often lack the ability to improve their abilities. Our mission is to enable them all the necessary conditions to develop and dream big dreams - Gouillon said with a photo of the greeting card.

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