"You have offered us a hug and you have destroyed the cold": Children of Kosovo wrote a poem to Arnaud Gouillon (PHOTO)

Entire Serbia cried for Jovan and now he has welcomed the year 2019 in a new house: He got a donkey that he wanted so much

Jovana (13) is the dearest little girl: She cut her long, beautiful hair and she showed that she has the greatest heart (PHOTO)

Jovan united entire Serbia with his sad story, and now the boy from Vrmdza will get a house

Little ones gave up from their excursion so their friend could get better: Brave little Petar is fighting a dangerous malign sickness

An Albanian has been feeding sick children in Vranje each day for the past 4 years: His children are playing with them, and Serbs work in the bakery (PHOTO)

Nadja and Dina (11) are heroes of Novi Sad: They are buying food for stray dogs with their pocket money which they earn by selling drawings

A mother asked for help over Facebook for her daughter whose car broke down in Greece, and this mechanic came right away on +40 degrees

It was hardest for Jovan to say: "I don't have". He fought for a piece of bread, and he was full only when the cherry was ripe, and now he is feeding others (PHOTO)

Thank you, Serbia: Little Teodora (10) has beaten leukemia and she returned home after spending 14 months in a hospital in Frankfurt (PHOTO)

Miodrag (7) took a doctor by the hand and he told us: "Wait here, I'll be back". What if he has seen our faces for the last time? (PHOTO)

Marko will run 1.000 km of hope from Nis to Athens for the life of little Teodora: But, all of us must reach the goal (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

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