The moment when a famous Serbian singer puts 4.000 euros on the lap of Milan who is fighting for his life: The young man started crying (VIDEO)

Milan and Tijana planned to get married and to have children, now they are fighting for his life (PHOTO)

Disturbing data comes from Northern Macedonia: Almost a quarter of the population lives in poverty

The show that shocked Serbia: Poor hero from Kosar received a tractor, he made a cross with his hand, he kissed it and he started to cry (VIDEO)

Serbia has been talking for days about a hero who works for a wage and lives in a ramshackle house: His friends are building a new home and they bought a tractor

The problem of Swiss bank loans should be solved with banks, and not with the money of citizens: Economists support the help, but only if it's not from the budget

Novak Djokovic donated money to save a Serbian church in France! (PHOTO)

Djordje is just 16 and the entire family depends on him: He takes care of the sick father, sister, home, because he lost his mother (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

Everybody attacked Tamara from moving away from Belgrade due to politics, money, and an apartment, and this is her response (PHOTO)

"No one saw what exactly happened, we just found a girl unconscious": A worker fell from a building on a terrace, and then on a child in Kosovska Mitrovica

The most beautiful news of this morning: Little Teodora, for whom Marko Nikolic ran 1,000 kilometers to Athens, was successfully operated

Brave firefighter remembered how to reach the victim on this ice and to save it from certain death (VIDEO)

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