Teme: Humanitarian

The show that shocked Serbia: Poor hero from Kosar received a tractor, he made a cross with his hand, he kissed it and he started to cry (VIDEO)

"You have offered us a hug and you have destroyed the cold": Children of Kosovo wrote a poem to Arnaud Gouillon (PHOTO)

Gouillon New Year's convoy stopped at the border: Pristina forbade him to deliver gifts to the children on Kosovo (VIDEO)

Slavica became a widow with four children, her husband committed suicide yesterday over the debt of 185 euros: The electricity is back on, but the suffering doesn't end there (PHOTO)

Miodrag (7) took a doctor by the hand and he told us: "Wait here, I'll be back". What if he has seen our faces for the last time? (PHOTO)

Marko will run 1.000 km of hope from Nis to Athens for the life of little Teodora: But, all of us must reach the goal (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

Serbian humanitarians so far delivered 176 tons of aid and they received a special status in the United Nations (PHOTO)

Gracanica surrounded by barbed wire, and there is a sign for weapons: Arnaud Gouillon said a great truth in front of the Serbian sanctuary (VIDEO)

Arnaud Gouillon once again showed that he is a great man: Thanks to him, the problem of National kitchens on Kosovo has been solved (PHOTO)

Arnaud Gouillon finally met Ognjen, his "little Serbian double" (PHOTO)

Arnaud Gouillon for Telegraf about the trip to Kosovo and Metohija which changes a man: When I'm not home, my three-year-old daughter says - Dad is in Kosovo (VIDEO)

Arnaud Gouillon is taking 10 tons of humanitarian help to Kosovo and Metohija: 12.000 French families helped him (PHOTO)

The amphitheater is still shaking from the applause Arnaud Gouillon received after lectures at the Faculty of Political Sciences (VIDEO)

Arnaud Gouillon: Albanian and Serbian extremists are threatening me, I am afraid that I will be banned from entering Kosovo

INCREDIBLE GESTURE OF COLOGNE FANS: They will amaze you when you see what they did with tickets they bought from Red Star!

Arnaud Gouillon started a chain of humanity in Serbia: Belgrade taxi driver showed a big heart when the Frenchman entered the car

Granny Zivana lives alone in harsh conditions with her developmentally disabled grandchildren: Her greatest fear - WHAT WILL HAPPEN WITH KIDS WHEN SHE IS GONE?! (PHOTO)

This is a THIEF who stole a box with donations for TREATMENT OF PREMATURELY BORN INFANT in Kotor (PHOTO)

Guys from Becej reached Mongolia like it was nothing with 28 year old "Yugo", and they had to stop the adventure on the way back (PHOTO)

These are the children who dreamed about having their own computer: The dream came true, and they cant take the smile off of their faces (PHOTO)

Jagoda (64) escaped from her son and husband who tortured her: Now she lives in the ruins of a burnt house, without without electricity, water and food (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

Ninoslav and Djordje started the adventure of a lifetime: 27 year old "Yugo" should run 20.000 kilometers (PHOTO)

Jasmin's story made Balkan cry: This is how a boy, who wanted a goat instead of a bike, lives today (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

Testament of Esma Redzepova has been opened: The queen of Roma music left all of her assets to Macedonia (PHOTO)

EXCLUSIVE: The French called Kosovo Serbs monsters, and now the entire Europe is silenced because of the Arnaud Gouillon movie (PHOTO)

Unusual adventure of two men from Becej: Ninoslav and Djordje are going on a 20.000 kilometer trip to MONGOLIA in a "Yugo"! (PHOTO)

Belgrade student of dentistry in the humanitarian mission in a country where one in six children do not reach fifth birthday, Zanzibar (VIDEO)

Jovica walked 333 kilometers on Himalayas in 72 hours! He did it for the most beautiful cause (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

Milica is a true hero of Serbia: She did more for little Olivera (10) than anyone could imagine!

Vasilije (17) united Serbs and Croats in Vukovar: His father has the most beautiful message for all of us (PHOTO)