Bosnia and Herzegovina is getting a license to research the Moon and the comments are hilarious

The only condition is that Bosnia and Herzegovina has to sign that they won't occupy the Moon

The Council of Ministers of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) reviewed and unanimously approved the Draft Law on the Budget of the Institutions of Bosnia and Herzegovina and International Obligations of BiH for 2019. In addition to budget issues, the draft agenda for exploration and use of the universe, including the Moon and other celestial bodies, was on the agenda. The important part of the contract is that BiH can explore the moon, only if they don't have the tendency to occupy it. 

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This agreement prevents States Parties from placing weapons of mass destruction in orbit of the Earth, as well as installing them on the Moon or any other celestial body, or in any other way stationing them in the universe.

The agreement clearly prohibits any government from occupying any sky source, like the Moon or planets, claiming that the Moon and all celestial bodies are the common heritage of mankind.

- It is very important for the people from these areas to stress the second article of this agreement, which states, "the universe, which includes the Moon and celestial bodies, is not the subject of national appropriation of the claim of sovereignty, neither by using it nor by occupation, nor in any other way." Also, the state that launches the space object retains jurisdiction and control over this object.


It is quite clear why this news has caused avalanche comments on social networks.

- It is known that Bosnians have been working on the moon, and we just got the access... tsk... - written in one tweet.

- Finally, we will sign the agreement that we can explore the moon and other celestial bodies, we must not occupy them! Yes! - written in the next one.

(Telegraf.co.uk / 24sata.hr)

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