Peer violence in Serbia: A boy is kicking another one while he was speaking was Hungarian, the others are just watching (VIDEO)

Another case of peer violence shook Serbia

Teenager kicking a peer in the head, while others are just silently watching and talking, was recorded in the center of Subotica, and the video was soon shared on social networks.

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The incident happened in the park near the Cathedral of St Teresa of Avila and the police started an investigation, presumably, due to the peer violence among the minors

The video clearly shows the victim calmly sitting on the bench when several teenagers surrounded him. One of them, whose face can be clearly seen, strongly kicked a boy in the face. 

The boy who was kicked is still sitting calmly, he just lowered his head after the kick, while the other one is talking to him in Hungarian. The others, at least six of them, are calmly watching everything, and one of them is filming the violence.

Printskrin: Youtube/Mr.Balkan

The boy who brutally kicked his peer is speaking in Hungarian.

- Come on, talk, what happened, what are you not saying!? I will send you to a hospital and you will never leave it! Come on, open up now, say what happened - shouted the boy from the footage.

The footage lasts for one minute and 24 seconds, and there are girls among the gathered children. According to the unofficial information, a conflict happened prior to the attack because of a girl. 

They said in the police that they reacted right away and that they are working to identify all of the participants of the incident. The authorities are taking all necessary measures and they say they will react in accordance with authority.

- The investigation is still in progress. As soon as we have more information we will give a statement - they said for Blic.

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(Telegraf.co.uk / Blic)

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