Judoist is a leader of drug-clan which was arrested in Belgrade: They secured gay and night clubs, they distributed drugs and caused incidents (VIDEO)

Zivko shot Ivica in the head during the demonstration against Milosevic 22 years ago: Now, they met face to face in a tavern and the most difficult words were uttered (VIDEO) (PHOTO)

Peer violence in Serbia: A boy is kicking another one while he was speaking was Hungarian, the others are just watching (VIDEO)

Someone is manipulating the migrants. When the leader comes to the border, there is all out chaos: Croats claim that the attempt to breach the border was devised ahead

Migrants broke through the cordon at the border between Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia, 200 people blocked the traffic: Conflicts with the police are ongoing and there are injuries (VIDEO)

Albanians and Serbs are waging war in the middle of Belgrade, tenants are not leaving buildings without knives and pepper spray

Frozen conflict, status quo, and horror without end: Does Serbia need the society of Nagorno-Karabakh, South Ossetia, and Abkhazia?

A fight of men in the middle of a street in Zadar: The reaction of the people passing by is truly incredible (VIDEO)

Women started brutally fighting in the middle of the street: They are intentionally hitting and making scars in the same place, and this is their motive

Turbulent TV debate regarding the resignation of the Croatian Deputy Prime Minister: He was angry, he stood up and he headed forward his interlocutor (VIDEO)

A terrible warning by Wesley Clark: Brutal conflicts on Balkans are not the thing of the past

The American professor on Kosovo situation: Serbs should stop dealing with illusions and they should accept reality

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