Miniskirts forbade on Faculty of Organizational Sciences, and any clothes that encourages sex on Faculty of Law: Faculties introduced Dress codes (SURVEY)

There is also a rule that reminds students to say "Good day, Thanks, Please, Excuse me and here you go"

It was considered that young people already knew the rules of conduct when they go to college - to greet the professor or to dress up.

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Today, general culture is no longer implicit, so some rules have to be adopted. So there are almost no faculties in Serbia that did not prescribe their own dress codes


On Faculty of Organizational Sciences, there is a rulebook that reminds the students to say "Good day, Thanks, Please, Excuse me and Here you go". The same document strictly states the dress code. Miniskirts and short dresses are forbidden, shorts and sweatpants that young men wear wherever they go.

It is strictly stated that any kinds of political marks are forbidden, like the badges with the character of the party. 


The Faculty of Law in Belgrade, which is linked to numerous anecdotes about the sexual affections of professors and students, and which is otherwise known for the provocative dressing of its female students, has set up sophisticated but very clear rules.

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Students and professors are forbidden to dress in a way which can encourage sexual harassment. 

Who remembers the photo of the almost naked student on the Faculty of Law. She was in the limelight of the media four years ago.


On the Faculty of Law in Novi Sad, there is a clearly displayed warning that everyone who is indecently dressed will be sent to the exit. The professor of this faculty, Dragana Coric is pleased that the students are respecting the codex and she said that she didn't have to warn anyone for the inappropriate clothes recently. 

- The faculty accepted the same dress code as the court. It is forbidden to enter in shorts, crop top shirts (with a visible stomach or a bra), and short trousers are not allowed, shirts with deep cleavage or blouses, long zippers on skirts and dresses. Our doormen are the ones who mostly warn those who are inappropriately dressed - said professor Coric.

One of the codexes which are most rigorous is the one on the Technical Faculty "Mihajlo Pupin in Zrenjanin. Their students must hide tattoos and piercing when they enter the building, yoga pants can be worn only if they have a tunic, and the shortest skirt can be 10 cm above the knee. 

Printskrin/Tehnički fakultet "Mihajlo Pupin"

However, it is interesting that the students suffer no penalties for inappropriate clothes. Besides the warning, the worst thing that can happen is that they are sent back home. No one failed an exam so far due to deep cleavage or for short skirt. 

What do you think, are the students dressing too provocatively? Write down in the comments.

(Telegraf.co.uk / M. Leskovac) 

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