Last-minute decision: Kosovo report before the UN Security Council

4 powers were against

The United Nations Security Council session on Kosovo and Metohija will be held today in New York, the UN website said.

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As stated in the UN Security Council's work program for today, a session to discuss the new quarterly report on UNMIK's work is scheduled for 15:00 hours local time, or 21 hours in Central European time.

Until the last moment, it was uncertain whether the session would be held because of four countries, the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, and Poland, who opposed placing the report on the agenda.

The United Kingdom has asked to remove the Kosovo issue from the agenda of the Security Council forever, while Americans consider holding the sessions twice a year.

Russia proposed holding the sessions every four months.

Foreign Minister of Serbia, Ivica Dacic, told RTS that the normal reaction is to hold the sessions, but Serbia is ready to negotiate, although not being the part of those consultations, how many times will they discuss Kosovo.

- That is not up to Serbia, but the time when General Secretary issues a report since it is on every three months the Security Council should look at it as well. It is most important for us to keep this topic on the agenda of the Security Council - Said Dacic.

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