Two people have passed away from flu in Nis: The epidemic is becoming serious, 11 people are fighting for their lives!

A flu epidemic was declared in the city on Friday

M.S. (66) from Doljevac village Orljana and Lj.J. (75) from Nis died at the Clinic for Infectious Diseases where they were hospitalized due to influenza infection.

30 experts watched the saving of Dea's arm, everything will be known tomorrow around 12 o'clock

Thus, the number of influenza victims in that city rose to five.

According to the report, there are 32 people in the Clinical Hospital of Nis, of which 11 are connected to the respirator and are in danger.

Eight children are currently hospitalized at the Children's Home Clinic. For all newcomers, blood samples are sent for analysis and pending results. The general condition of the patients is good.

On Friday, an epidemic of influenza was declared in the territory of Nis, and more than 3,800 cases with flu-like symptoms were registered in the city, which is twice as high as in the previous week.

(Telegraf.co.uk / D.K.)

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