Bobi set Philadelphia "on fire"! Ovations for the Serb confused the American commentators (VIDEO)

Marjanovic has already become a hit among fans of the Seventy-Sixers

Boban Marjanovic was one of five new players who arrived in Philadelphia in the recent trade, next to Harris, Scott, Simons, and Enis - and is definitely the first candidate to become a new favorite of fans.

Jokic is going to team Giannis: LeBron didn't pick the Serb for All-Star game

Serbian center had a dream like reception when he entered the game when he replaced Embid in the first quarter, which confused the commentators.

Is this reaction for Boban? - commented the journalist about the euphoria over our basketball player.

Yes, I think it is - the other one responded.

Quickly after that, a new wave of excitement went through the "Wells Fargo Center" - Boban scored his first points for Seventy-Sixers.

Watch and listen to the reaction of the fans when Marjanovic entered the game and his first points.

Bobi finished the match with 15 minutes and 4 points, which is quite a good start in the new environment.


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