Confession of a male prostitute: He makes 1.000 euros a month from sex! These are his prices

Milos P., a student from Belgrade, has been earning money by offering a massage with sex to the ladies, and as he said, he is pleasuring clients aged from 25 to 70, he earns at least three average salaries, without counting tips. These are his prices

Somewhat different massage, erotic massage, or simply put - prostitution? Where are the limits of the services that many offer over the adds, and which actually hide an entirely different profession? Milos P., a student from Belgrade, perhaps has the best answer, he has been earning money by offering a massage with sex to the ladies, and he charges 5.000 dinars for that (around 42 euros). This unusual gigolo says that he pleasures ladies aged from 25 to 70, and he makes a minimum of 1.000 euros a month!

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Milos said that he enjoys every moment of his work, and he is especially happy when he sees that the ladies are pleased with his service, some even fall in love with him. 

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He has published his offer on a portal a few years ago and quickly he started receiving calls.

As he said, he has around 15-20 regulars, that come to him even several times a month, and he said that they ask for intimate and tantric massages (body against the body) which quickly turns to sex.

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- Intimate massage involves a gentle massage of erogenous zones and body with kisses and lasts about 45 minutes, including the ending. While the Tantric is slightly different and starts in the underwear. When I put oils on our bodies the gentle, mutual massage starts. But, my movements are the most important. The entire body is done within one hour and in all poses, mostly those from "Kamasutra". Sex is included - said Milos P.

Milos reveals the price of the massage, which differs from ordinary one, or the classical one, because it includes his erotic finish: Massage body with the body is 5.000 dinars, intimate massage of the entire body is 2.500, and classic relaxation massage is 1.500. He sometimes gets a really good tip.

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