SCANDAL! Water polo players of Red Star attacked in Split, they escaped by jumping into the sea! (VIDEO)

The walk of the Serbian athletes by the water turned into the running away from Croatian hooligans

Bad news comes from Split, where unknown hooligans attacked Red Star's water polo players, and some of them found a rescue by jumping into the sea, writes Croatian media.

Peer violence in Serbia: A boy is kicking another one while he was speaking was Hungarian, the others are just watching (VIDEO)

Four water polo players of Belgrade Red Star went to walk near the coast around 13:30 in Split and they had an unpleasant meeting with the locals who were ready for a fight.

Five young men, who were obviously bothered by the symbols on the sweatshirts of the players, and they stopped the people from Belgrade and they attacked them. 

Three managed to escape, and the fourth one jumped into the sea after receiving several strikes, write the Croats.

- We have received a call, we didn't find the attackers upon arriving at the scene, and we transported the boy to the hotel where he could change his clothes. We are currently investigating the case and we will determine the details - they said from the split police and added that the boy refused any medical assistance.

According to the last information, the expedition of the Belgrade club is returning to Belgrade, because they are not feeling safe in Split, so they won't play a match of the Regional league with Mornar.

The police are searching for five attackers.


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