Daddy, we will be good and you will be proud of us: Newspapers full of obituaries for Mirko Butulija (PHOTO)

37 obituaries could be read in a single newspaper which are dedicated to the murdered president of the Automobile Association of Serbia

Daddy, they told us that you have gone on a journey. We are waiting for you to bring back candies, dresses, and shoes. And we will be good, you will be proud of us. The best pupils, students, people. Just like you. We miss your hug, your tenderness, your understanding. That emptiness will last forever. 

The president of Automobile and Motorcycle Association of Serbia shot in his office by his General Secretary, who then killed himself! (PHOTO AND VIDEO FROM THE SCENE)

This is just a part of the shocking obituary left by children Lazar, Elena, Una, and Tara with their mother, saying goodbye from the father and husband Mirko Butulija (43), the president of Automobile Association of Serbia (AMSS), who was shot by General Secretary of the association Predrag Djurdjev (43) on Friday.

The newspapers are full of obituaries dedicated to Butulija. Numerous friends, colleagues, and relatives said goodbye from them. 37 obituaries could be read in a single newspaper which are dedicated to the murdered president of the AMSS. Wife Marijana left a single obituary on her on.

Foto: Printskrin/Večernje novosti

"My dearest, my true love, my strength, my support, my lion, tame and gentle soul, caring father, husband, our love was always strong for you and it will be even stronger. I will protect our chicks from all sorrow and I will tell them how big of a man you were, strong, and gentle for us, compassionate, full of love. Just to strengthen them and I am coming to you, so you can hug me and you can tell me that everything will be alright. I love you and I will love you till I draw breath", wrote the wife Marijana.

Foto: Printskrin/Večernje novosti

His mother also wrote a shocking farewell:

My dear son, my joy, my happiness, I had you, I gave birth to you, I raised you into an honorable man, caring and dedicated son, who cared about his parents his entire life, his wife, his children. My endless sorry, I have lost you, you have died from by devils doing”.

Foto: Printskrin/Večernje novosti

Football Association of Serbia said goodbye from Butulija, the employees of AMSS, the employees of the restaurant "Beogradsko Sokace", Ministry of Construction, Transport, and Infrastructure.

Foto: Printskrin/Večernje novosti

The commemorative gathering will be held tomorrow at 11 in the Assembly of the city of Belgrade. The funeral will be performed on Wednesday, February 27th, in 14.30, in the village Mosko in Trebinje.

VIDEO: General secretary of AMSS shot the president in his office, and then killed himself. 


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