"Who murdered my son": Danish national television showed a shocking movie about David and Dzenan

The parents of the late young men spoke in the movie

Danish state television showed on Monday night a documentary about David Dragicevic and Dzenan Memic. In the film, among others, David's parents Davor Dragicevic and Suzana Radanovic spoke, as well as Dzenan's father Muriz

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The movie featured footage in the night when David disappeared and when his body was found.

- This is not just the fight for justice for David, this is the fight for all of us - said Suzana in the movie "Who killed my son".

David was a child full of love, intelligent, good friend, good child - she said.

Foto: Facebook/PRAVDA ZA DAVIDA/Davor Dragičević

Mother Suzana remembered the moment when she was told that David went missing.

- My phone rang, it was Davor's brother, David is gone. I knew that I went outside and that I was screaming - remembers Suzana.

Muriz Memic spoke about his son Dzenan.

- Dzenan was a great student in the elementary school, in High school, the pride of the generation, Second year of the faculty of Law. He started a business, now it is all up to me. It usually goes the other way around, but in this case, he left me something after his death - said Muriz.

Printskrin: Youtube/TV1 HD

Dzenan's room was shown in the movie.

- Everything remained the same, everything is the same, he is just gone. The wallet he forgot that night, documents. His clothes, they still smell of him. It is really difficult for me to enter there. This is the third time that I have entered this room.

A journalist Slobodan Vaskovic spoke in the movie who has been following the case of David from the very start.

You can watch the movie here.

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