Mayor harrassed his secretary. New details from the confession of the victim: His thugs dictated me to write that it was a joke, they told me "my life is on the line"

Marija remembered everything that happened when she published a part of messages on her Facebook account

When Marija Lukic was the guest of the show on TV Prva, in "Life Talks", the public remained shocked with her confession, and now she revealed more shocking details of the torture that she has been through. This brave woman, who is married and has two children, suffered sexual harassment and violence from the president of the municipality Brus, Milutin Jelacic Jutka.

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Marija remembered everything that happened when she published a part of messages on her Facebook account and she admitted what kind of hell she suffered from Jutka.

Marija Lukic became famous to the wider public when she published what she has been through from the president of the municipality Brus, Milutin Jelacic Jutka, while she was working in the municipality in Brus. She spoke about the details of the sexual harassmentthat she was alone in everything, the fact that she was dealing with the knowledge that everything was predetermined and that everything depends on one man, who was in the position to decide about further destinies, thanks to the abuse of the political power. 


Lukic is married, she has two children, and she became a symbol for the courage of women in the fight against violence and sexual harassment.

To recall, Marija was working for 2 years as a secretary of Milutin Jelacic Jutka, and during that time, he has sent her over 15.000 lascivious and vulgar SMS messages, where he invites her to be intimate with him. It can be seen in the messages that he blackmailed her with sex in order to secure career advancement.

- The harassment was constant, he was saying all kinds of things, he was sending messages. He kissed me once by force - said Marija to the media.

There is a message that testifies that the kiss happened without the desire of the woman.

- Sorry that I have kissed you today, a bit violent, without your desire or will. I won't do that anymore, it is stupid to do one-sided - wrote Jelacic.

When she could take it no more, she published all of the messages on Facebook.

She was at her parents in their house, where she felt safer, her husband was going to work, and her husband called her the next day and he told her to get out, because mobsters are coming to Brus who will kill Marija, if she doesn't delete everything that she has published, and she must write down that she was joking.

- I got into the car, and the husband called Jutka's first man, here from Brus, who gave him the information that they are going to assassinate me. I was told that they will come with two jeeps and that I do not realize who I am fighting against. I cannot forget that sentence, "I swear on my child, your life is on the line" - said Marija.

She knew who was one of the people who wanted to talk with her. I knew him from Jutka's story because he used to threaten people with that name. That was Goran Makragic, he was in prison for nine and a half years for murder.

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She went to the restaurant in Brus to meet those unknown people. Four of them told Marija that she was not supposed to do that, they told her that her husband should have beaten her because she decided to put everything on Facebook.

- They were lecturing me, they told me I endangered many businesses with this move. They ordered me to delete everything and I wrote that I was joking, as they dictated me. They told me there are no criminal charges, but they guarantee that no one will touch me, or my family if I honor the agreement - she said in the show "Life talks".

As she said, the killers guaranteed her safety, and she was questioning everything the entire night.

- What if they don't honor the agreement? Who should I trust? I had no choices, they could do anything - she said in the shot at the host Tatjana Vojtehovski.

The documents from the entire case were shown in the show, and Jutka denied kissing her in the mouth, he denied touching her, writing sexual harassment messages. He also denied sending anyone to harass and threaten her when she published the messages on Facebook.  


In his statements on hearings, he stated that Marija wanted to advance, that she didn't have adequate education, nor experience, and that she was hitting on him and asked 10.000 euros as blackmail in order not to publish the messages.

- I was shocked, I was never hitting on him, nor did I ask for money, he offered me money - said Marija Lukic, one of many women Jutka harassed.

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And then, several weeks later, there was suddenly a call from the inspector to come for a hearing, because someone reported the talk of Marija and Jutka's thugs in the cafe. They have been questioning her in the police for almost nine hours.

They told me, say everything that you know, I was afraid that those weren't Jutka's people, he has connections everywhere. Somehow, I came to the decision not to say the names and I said that I don't know what are their names. I described how they looked like, and the inspector got a file and asked "are those these people? - she said during the show on TV Prva.

They didn't give her police protection, because, as she said, they explained that Makragic and the crew "only came to scare her".

The day after the hearing she was fired, and the hair salon of her husband, who has been in records as an auxiliary object since the seventies, was scheduled for demolition. Both of them lost wages, with two small children. Which was a step further in Jutka's harassment and revenge.


This woman is fearless, and she has no plans of backing down until she is satisfied. However, there are those who are telling her to give up, that the entire process will be prolonged, that it is not going to happen, but, she has no plans of doing so. Her sole help is the public, which supports her.

Marija Lukic looked at the event from the trial which caused numerous reactions in the public when she Jutka's people, who came to support him, were detained in the courtroom, which is contrary to the Constitution.

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President of the municipality Brus, Milutin Jelacic Jutka, filed his resignation which still hasn't arrived at the Assembly, and he is still in the in the municipality, which is worrying for the victim of the violence.

- I have no regrets for mustering the strength and speaking about the hell I have been going through for years. This made me stronger, and the fact that there are no concrete moves by the state gives me even more strength. I will never forgive my tears, stress, sleepless night, dad's heart attack, mom's diabetes, even if I have to walk to Strasbourg. I believe that I will find justice for all of the women who suffered for this, or because of some other Jutka - concluded Marija in the show "Life Talks".


The entire Brus lost cable signal at 21:55, five minutes before the start of the show "Life talks" on TV Prva, where Lukic spoke for the first time and where she gave her confession what she has been going through for 2 years while working as Jutka's secretary.

Jelicic's people allegedly tried to turn off the signal on several channels at the cable operator "City Service", and when they were refused, Jelicic had even more bizarre plan.

- Jelicic's people asked "City Service" to stop the broadcast. When the electricity went out, around 30 to 40 citizens gathered in front of the building of the cable operator, demanding an explanation, but they got the answer that they had nothing to do with that - the citizens of Brus told media and they added that the repair crew wasn't allowed to enter the building to attempt to fix the malfunction.

- I have moved the children into the room where there was no TV, so they are not disturbed. When I switched to the TV "Prva", the electricity went out. I can't say that I am surprised, nothing can surprise me anymore. The level of arrogance of this man is increasing every day - said Marija Lukic.

Associates and supporters of Milutin Jelacic Jutka went so far a few days ago that they published the medical chart of Marija Lukic on Twitter and Facebook. Besides her name and last name, there are her address, unique identification number, telephone number. Lukic said that the medical chart could only "leak" from the Health Center in Brus or from the court, where she brought it after the visit to the doctors after abuse.


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