The lawyer Lidija stabbed a client into the neck: The victim staggered on its own to the hospital (PHOTO)

Lidija Opacic (39) was detained in prison after hearing

The lawyer Lidija Opacic (39) from Subotica was detained in prison after yesterday's attempt to butcher the client in her office.

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Opacic tried to kill Darko G. (34) in her lawyer's office in the building located on the square of Jovan Nenad in the very center of Subotica, by stabbing him in the neck, we found out from the investigation. 

Foto: Facebook

After the attack, Darko left the office, covered in blood, and he headed toward Subotica hospital to seek help. The police were informed right away, and the lawyer was arrested.

The injured Darko was detained in Hospital for further treatment and all details regarding this attempt of murder will be known until the end of the day.

Foto: Google street view

The lawyer Opacic is known for the case where she defended the painter from Zeleznik suburb in Subotica in 2013, who was probably the fastest sentenced citizen of Serbia.

The complete case, from the admitting guild, to sentence lasted less than 48 hours, which was the first case of such a quick reaction of the police and the judiciary in Serbia.

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