Croats watched the arrest of the bank robbers and they commented: "You piece of crap, a bullet to the head!"

They talked at the same time with their friends on the phone and they reported the situation "from the scene"

After the robbery of the Bank in Mostar, footage appeared of women commenting on the robbery and the arrest of the robbers.

Women commented on the robbery live, talking among themselves and reporting the event to their friends with whom they talked on the phone, and there were a few juicy curses. 

This video, writes Bljesak, got many interesting comments, and certain people marked that there is no joking around with the women from Herzegovina.

"You piece of crap, a bullet to the forehead, f*ckers", "Look at those pathetic people", "My legs are shaking, I can only imagine theirs", some of the comments that can be heard on the footage.

Watch the video:

(Telegraf.co.uk / 6yka.com)

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