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Thieves were stealing while the priest was serving a requiem: They smashed the windows of cars and got everything they could find, while the deceased was still in the yard


The footage from the yard could help the search for the thieves

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Nothing is sacred for the thieves in Macva, after breaking into churches, they started breaking into cars on cemeteries during the funerals

Thieves got on the bus in Novi Sad: The driver grasped the money from the tickets, and then they beat him up (DISTURBING PHOTOS)

On Sunday, while the priest was holding the requiem in the churchyard, unknown thieves broke the windows of two cars which were parked nearby, in the same street, and they stole what they found and - they escaped.

- They stole a bag with personal documents, money, cards, and keys from the apartment from a married couple from Belgrade who came to the funeral, and they stole the money from a woman from our village. We were stunned when we saw the footage of cameras from our neighbor and concluded that the robbery took place at 12:20, at the time when the priest was holding the requiem - said the cousin of the deceased.

The people were in disbelief when they found out about this event. The priest Vlada Dimitric called the police from the cemetery and they are searching for thieves. The footage from the yard could help the search for the thieves.

Foto: pixabay.com

The thieves started stealing from religious places, it all started last year. Four village churches in this area were robbed, in Glogovac, Crna bara, Klenj, and Salas Crnobarski. While there was a thunderstorm, and occasional power cuts, the thieves got in and they stole the money people left in the church.

One month later, the thieves smashed the car of Danka Zorbic, the journalist of the local radio from Bogatic, while she was on the cemetery, and they took the money and personal documents. After that, they ran away in an unknown direction.

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