A Serb was killed in Johannesburg while he was driving a bike: Murderers in black got out of the car and shot him (PHOTO)

The series of murders of Serbs in South Africa continues. More than 10 rounds were found on the scene of the crime

Jugoslav S. (51) from Belgrade was murdered in Johannesburg in the South African Republic on Saturday morning.

The lawyer Lidija stabbed a client into the neck: The victim staggered on its own to the hospital (PHOTO)

According to the last information from the investigation, as reported by the media, the motives of this murder are still unknown. 

Two attackers got out of the car and they shot the victim who was steering a bike at that moment. 

Foto: ER24

The murder took place around 10.30 am in Roodepoort, part of Johannesburg. According to the witnesses, two men were dressed in black, with gloves and glasses. 

- I heard six shots. One man shot another, and then the other one crashed down. Then, the attacker sat down in the car and the other one came out, who continued shooting at the victim on the ground - said the eyewitness for the "News24", who didn't want to reveal the identity.

There were a lot of people on the street, and one of the people allegedly took a picture of the car which took the murderer. When the attacker noticed that he is being filmed, he showed him the middle finger.

The ambulance team arrived ten minutes later, but there was no help to Jugoslav S. There is a search for the suspects, and the media speculate that four people are responsible for these assassinations.

Murdered Serbs in SAR: 

Djordje Mihajlevic - a diamond dealer, was killed in September last year in Bedford County, Johannesburg when his car stopped at a traffic light. The two attackers on a bike approached to his car and they started firing. He died on the spot.

Foto: Facebook/George Mihaljevic

Milan Djuricic Miki - the murderer of Zeljko Raznatovic Arkan, was killed on April 24th last year in Johannesburg. The attackers shot him while he was standing on the red light.

Foto: Privatna arhiva

Darko Kulic - murdered in July last year in Johannesburg, in the same part of the city where Milan Djuricic Miki was killed. After the murder, it was speculated that he was killed because he knew who killed Miki Djuricic, and he allegedly had something to do with the murder of Gorgija - Gorg Darmanovic.

Gorgija - Gorg Darmanovic - a double agent from SAF, murdered in May last year in New Belgrade, he was allegedly connected with the underground of that state. It was speculated that he was a good friend of Gavric and Djuricic.

Foto: scribd.com

VIDEO: Disturbing footage of the murder on Banovo Brdo, assassination in broad daylight!  

(Telegraf.co.uk / News24)

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